Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stay Calm & Eat

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Diana's tips on how to stay happy:
  • Do things, wear things and eat things that we like. Never let peer pressure get to us.
  • Let loose and laugh. Why so serious?
  • Have a purpose in life. What do we want to be? Staying focus on reaching a goal keeps us on track and SANE.
  • When angry, express our anger in an elegant and intellectual manner.
  • Share our emotions and feelings with people we are comfortable with. Never keep things only to ourselves.
  • Play with little kids. Nothing beats an innocent face of a kid.
  • Let go of things and move on. Stop rewinding issues and problems and talk about it over and over again.
  • Have a hobby.
  • Consider our boss as our partner or mentor. Never hate our boss or else we'll never find joy and peace in working.
  • Attend classes, seminars, workshops. Never stop learning and studying.
  • Be fair & objective when assessing something. Admit & apologize if we're wrong.
  • Say "thank you" for any form of help we receive from other people.
  • Try our best in the things we do, but leave the results to God.
  • Do something because we believe in it, not because we want to prove something to someone.
  • Pray regularly and ask for forgiveness.
  • Have enough sleep.
  • Dress up nicely so you feel good and confident.
  • Sing!
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Good night!


aldilafiramdania said...

you're wonderful kak Di! all of your tips to how to be stay happy is just like I always do when I want to be happy <3

intan nirmala said...

resep hidup happynya bagus kak :)

shoeka said...

ahaaa i do agree with you, especially singing. even though my voice like a can. haha.
but it makes us relax.

Zahra N Damayanti said...

setuju banget kak.
tips kakak berguna sekali loooh :D

Vel said...

kaak dont forget praying & being grateful heheheee :)

Karina Dinda R. said...

Great post! Love your top ;)

Nces ♥

Sishi Semet said...

nice tips! but I'm not really sure about the little kids. I think that I'm not really good in engaging my self with them. But that's just me.. :)

iegha said...

got another one thing to be happy when you down. Pray and read your Alquran/Bible. it works ;)

Kailey said...

Absolutely love this look - so colorful! Great post <3

Fetty Asihta Kencana Putri said...

Thanks for the useful tips kak! :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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Olivia said...

By the way it's a really toughtful story :)

Hanna said...

If everyone followed that list the world would be a better place. I especially like the singing suggestion. I've heard singing once a day adds 7 years onto your life. Haha I'm in the process of testing that experiment.

Pusat Tas Branded Impor said...


Sarisariiii said...

hahaaa nice tips Di, wanna try all B-)

Mustika Hayati said...

i agree with you

C, literalmente rubia said...

Dear Diana:

I check your lovely blog everyday, i feel very very inspired and... happy. Really.

Hope you make a list with advices for people who wish to be an entrepreneur but needs some courage and tips. said...

love the color palette :)


candyfeetish said...

diana, kalo dirimu bikin buku, pasti aku akan beli!! hehehe... :)

Nur Aini Ulfa said...

What a lovely tips. I think i'll print and post it in my bedroom ;)
Bunch of thanks.


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les privat GP said...

like you colours...wonderful!

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