Sunday, May 15, 2011

She Smells Chocolate

What do you do when a gorgeous lady walks by and she leaves a heavenly chocolate smell in the air? Do you go after her? Do you start sniffing? Do you imagine fluffy clouds?

Imagine this in real life...because you see, this WAS real...:D

Below is a "Magnum Dress" which was actually a wool dress covered in Magnum chocolate! :)


I got the chance to see this during the Clara Revival Night lights event...they had a special session just to show this dress as well as let the crowd enjoy chocolate-based desserts at their Magnum Lounge..

The dress itself was designed by Andreas Odang for Magnum...check out the chocolate embellishments!


So...what do you do when a gorgeous lady walks by and she leaves a heavenly chocolate smell in the air?



PS: It would be really great if things were made very clear here in Indonesia. I guess 'clarity' is one of the things lacking in our country. When I was in Malaysia, I could easily identify which food I'm allowed to consume, or which leather products I can buy, as there will always be clear signs informing us which is "not halal" or "uses pig skin lining". Even the shop attendants would always inform us regarding these things without being asked first. This is a sensitive and essential matter as it involves our faith, you know? Just knew that one of the chocolate drinks I had that night had liquor in it. It's either I was stupid enough to not know, or people just assume that everyone drinks.


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Looks like an amazing event! I always wanted to see dresses made from sweets that I always watch on TV LOL. <3


Siti Nurul Falah said...

whoaaa pengen coklatnyaaa

y2H said...

waaawww KOOL dress ever !!

VanillaBerry said...

i'm wondering how that lovely chocolate dress taste :D great dress! love it :)

tealovecoffee said...

Ahhh, I totally agree about the clarity :(
Until now, I'm still considering whether sushi is halal or not..
Here, I guess people just assume that haraam food were only pig & beer. But it's not as simple as that :(

Ninda said...

wow look so yummy!! cool dress ever!! Lady Gaga will cry if she this dress! haha

Anonymous said...

yup. kalau di Malaysia, sepatu dikasih stiker yang menandakan pig skin lining. sedangkan disini ngga dikasih. padahal tokonya sama loh

Kartika Brand said...

Aww, poor you. I know how you feel, here in Australia you just have to assume that everything is not halal. It gets really hard sometimes.

Cool dress though, it sounds like a really amazing event otherwise!

Adhi said...

Sorry, but it was stupid, honey. You were at a fashion party! Of course liquor would be everywhere! ;)

Anonymous said...

You know, I amn't religious, but explicitly do not drink, and the amount of negative remarks I receive, because I live in a 'liberal' environment is really something. If it WAS for a religious reason I feel everyone would just accept it without question, but as it is I find myself declining morning coffee my friend's father has made me because it contains whiskey, and coming across as rude and unaccomodating. I dunno. I love your blog quite a bit, keep it up!

iegha said...

yeah.. some chocolate also contains of Alcohol but at least they put remarks...


salut udah berusaha hidup halal, soalnya kata Rasulullah itu bagian dari jihad kita D aku juga bingung, Indonesia negara Muslim terbesar di dunia tapi kok nggak ada awareness sama sekali ttg kehalalan suatu prduk

kalo mau tanya2 soal halal haram atau mau usul sesuatu, cek aja fb Must be Halal

ARIO ACHDA said...

i remember ur expression when i said "ini ada liquornya ya?"
really funnyyyyy!!! lol
but yes i agree, they suppose to let everyone know and not assuming that everyone was gonna be okay with it

its okay di, u didnt know !!!
glad to met u and the rest that evening!

candyfeetish said...

setuju dengan posting yang ini, bahkan di beberapa resto besar pun menyelip unsur-unsur haram,(seperti pemakaian minyak babi dalam beberapa produk makanan dan barang) sepertinya kita yang harus aktif bertanya supaya terhindar dari keracuan :)

Nurul N. said...

Yeah I concur with you on the halal clarifying point, Diana. I am a malaysian student in Jakarta. Once I asked my lecturer (who opens a bakery and she asked us to come by some time), "Is all the pastries halal?" I still remember how everyone in class gave me the look when I asked the question prolly thinking I was really insensitive/blunt. Because I knew that there might be liquor/rum/wine in it. I used to live in the UK, most of the desserts be it ice cream or chocolates contain animal gelatines which is not halal :S

SizZLing SuZai said... looks so so real..haha yup u should atleast take a bite on her! =D

rini said...

i also agree about the "Clarity". Malaysia is more explicit when it comes to halal n haram..
Why can't Indonesia implement, is it because we have "diversity" thus it's hard to do it..

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