Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Speed, Your Speed.

Today, I witnessed the slowest, oldest driver. Apparently he was a very old grandpa, driving a CRV on his own. I felt really sad to see how such an old man was allowed to drive all by himself without any company. Which also got me thinking: when we see a very slow driver, we often get upset and honk the car badly hoping that the driver will just go faster. But hey, we should always try to find out first why he's driving slow anyway. What if the driver was just not in the condition to drive faster?


izt said...

true indeed.
never make honking as a habit.

have a nice day :)

Miy said...

so sad.. :( and it got me lots of thinking.. thank you! *why does anyone ever let a very old gramps driving alone, anyway?!


The Picnic Girl

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Supershanen said...

that exactly happened to me last week when we were on our way to the church is Mississauga. on the highway, there was this car (an expensive looking one) moving uber slowly that we literally honked and got irritated.
when we decided to go by the other side, we turned our heads and noticed it was an old guy. white hair, tired face. instantly we went from angry to sorry.

it's funny how life works.

dePerta said...

i wonder people usually do not comment your wise word or story like this
miss diana actually you are good in represent how people's life in reality with simple wise messages for us
good for you miss diana. you're great

iegha said...

drive carefully grandpa...
sad... i wish i still have grandpa :(

Peace said...

wah stil better driving crv, instead of angkot or bajaj :)
Btw only here people hv bad habbit always horn n honk others car. Where s on Jakarta's earth not trafic. No manner n stupid (its message for those who often do that).

Irvina said...

kesian kak :'(

Kartika Brand said...

Too true. Its sad how things work out sometimes.

shinta said...

here in melb, you'll find a lot of elderly people (around 70 or even more!) driving their cars without any companies.. but there was a terrible accident happened couple of months ago, when a 80-year-old grandpa lost control of his car and hit a restaurant nearby and there are victims, it's just too bad.. :(

teddy bear princess said...

err.. is that my grandpa? ._. he drives his CRV by his own.. what color is the car?

But my grandpa still strong enough to drove until Bandung haha :D
Thanks God for my grandparents's health :)

teddy bear princess

anijnas said...

or we can slow down ourselves, the world is always in a hurry and everything needs to have such a rushed feel to it. Why not calm ourselves down?

Kristie said...

good thinking. and if a driver drives too fast, he might be wanting to pee so badly.

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