Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And So The Birds Tweet


Twitter accounts I enjoy following the most:
  • @IslamicThinking : always, always comforting me.
  • @GNFI : makes me proud and optimistic about Indonesia!
  • @DiKotaKita : relatively new, but they tweet interesting stuff about Jakarta

What's your favorite twitter account, peeps? :)


Rahmahyanti Sari said...

I agree with ur choice for The Bird Tweet. Really good and interesting! :D

StrawberryShoujo said...


They have interesting quotes we girls can relate to~ ;)

Rahmahyanti Sari said...

I agree with ur choice for The Bird Tweet. Really good and Interesting! :D

nadyagita said...

@MyTipsCantik : tips2 tentang beauty and health nya oke bgt!
@aMrazing @vabyo : dijamin ketawa2 baca tweet mereka!
@styling_101 : ga ada yg ngalahin tips2 fashion dari account ini, keren :)
@ulil : a modern-moslem person. Always love his tweets about modern views of islam.
@viatumblr : their tweets really present what people feel and think.

so they're my favorite twitter accounts :)

la femme

eiphel mercedes said...

lovely header kak :D

NisaKhirudin said...

This is not related to your post, but I like your new header! A LOT.

iegha said...

@fabfitfun : love the idea
@poconggg : just for fun but he's fun (or he's she... dunno) LOL
@vampirediaries: haha

paramartha said...

i love @BerpikirPositif and @pepatah their tweet are so innovative and become my motivation for my life :)


Yenny Dwi Putri said...

@MerryRiana - successful young millionaire yang uda sukses di usia 26tahun! follow her, she will follow u back.
@MotivaTweet - si burung centil yang baik hati. Tweet2nya tentang motivasi, diskusi, dan tips2 keren lainnya, tempat curhat jg bisa :D
@GreatestQuotes - quote2 motivasi dari tokoh2 terkenal dunia

i love following them, coz they can motivate me in my life :)


feline o' feline said...

@adrisubono kak suka banget kalo liat kabar Indonesia bakal kedatangan musisi luar negeri, asik :)

Pusat Tas Branded Impor said...

nice and interesting!

Gayatri Nadya said...

@JamesFrancoNews: Since im his big fan and also they have lotsa giveaways :D

@Giggleflower : to add up some sarcasm to this lollipop life :p

Anonymous said...

Follow me on Twitter @Edera_

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