Monday, March 21, 2011

Like A G6

You know that saying, that when you're sane among the insanes, you'll eventually end up being the most insane? I think this describes my feeling the most. I am confused, because words seem to be flying around the air, and every time they fly, they mean differently. They take off with one but land with another. And within the process, I get lost.

Words can be the sweetest thing to hear, but they can hurt us worse than a knife. Feel before we think, think before we speak. At the end of the day, no words can actually heal a broken heart. We heal because we're just supposed to.


Fahrani Nisrina said...

just be the best of you kak, you can pass the tests. FIGHTING! :)

ijam ismail said...

like a G6..

Anonymous said...

It seems you have been bothered by negative comments on your blog. You talked about bad responds again and again.
Just ignore them, the bigger you are the more people who want to defeat you. And the more you complain about that, the happier they are ... they win!
Give your energy to people who love and care about you. Delete the negative responds, this is your blog, you are the master.
Criticize someone is a common thing, unfortunately some people don't know how to say it properly.

Mainur Hasnah said...

g6.. thats right

Diana Rikasari said...

Thanks, all...:)

Anonymous: Hi! Thank you so much for your input & support..I do have to clarify though that this has nothing to do with my blog, hate-commenters or the like. This is simply what I'm going thru in my real life...but thanks! :)

the blankiehang said...

l always learn that words have a strong power whether to motivate or to let down.. and i chose the first one to motivate my students.. ^^

just let it go Die, it just waste your energy. ^^



Olivia said...

Ganbatte Diana!
This is a beautiful words, i really love when you post your minds like this because you give the reader how to have positive mind ^_^

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