Monday, March 14, 2011

Life Lines

Something S & I agreed about today:

"Don't strive to survive. Strive to improve".

Life's been really tough on my side. Nevertheless, alhamdulillah I am given good health, family and friends. Thank you, Allah...:)

Tri-Os jumpsuit from Fashion Valet, Zara shirt, various scarves, Mango brooch, My Bagstage bag, Up wedges


azra said...

Love your brownie bag and wanna eat your brownies, hehe

M said...

shoes, our Asian carrie bradshaw!

the blankiehang said...

then you already a survivor Die..congratz! ^^

Honestly Die, i once thought about why is your style getting quirky everyday, but then i realize that you are one of a kind in this blogosphere and i also recall myself that i've been in love with your personality.. :D

If i can say, you're lollipop attire that tend to be immature is so vice versa to your thought that is sooo mature. Hehe, sorry me for being 'sok tahu'.. that's what i felt.. :)

semangatt Die!


RS said...

whatever it is, you can do this. make us proud! =)

Bulan Bintang said...

i love ur fringe bag.nice!!!

Melai said...

you my dear are the epitome of fearlessness :)love how bold you are!

Melai of Style and Soul

Fara Rahim said...

love those shoesssss !

mandy said...

Hai di..

I just want comment 'why u always have same background' & 'can u show ur wardrobe or ur collection cos everyday u wear different shoes' n taraa.. u did it before i asked but more photo please..

Anyway congrats Queen of blogs :)

ps: u look younger than ur age (25or27) resep please hehehe

gloriaputri said...

the brownies look delicious..
wanna bite it, xixixixi


♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Love your fringed bag :)

mybagstage said...

Thank you Di for displaying our fringe bag :)
Life is tough sometimes, but we have to be tougher and keep our heads up :)

Tara said...

Diana , kayaknya itu scarf hijau dr gw yaaaa ??? gw inget bgt pernah ksh scarf itu, bener gak ya ??? hehehehe ;)


I'm very inspired by your ensembles, genius and unique!

just started following,

Aisyah Claresta said...

I love your UP shoes collections.. still saving money to buy one ;)

Squippo says Hippo

Aulia Rahmani said...

woow kak diana, you have a lot of shoes :)

The Juice

eiphel mercedes said...

kak di, you got a lot of shoes!!! envy envy

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