Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chocolate Hair

Congratulations on the launch of Dove "Damage Care Expert" shampoo variants! :) Was very lucky to be sent some samples so I can try them out myself...and they also included a set of hair heatstylers...woah! Thank you soooooooo much! :D

Muaya Clothing lace top, various skirts, Mango brooch, Nine West wedges

Regardless of being sent these samples, I personally think that Dove is the best shampoo brand in the category of affordable shampoos...:) And I really appreciate their latest campaign, Look Good by Doing Good, which encourages the spirit of helping each other to be an amazing woman with confidence, inner and outer beauty, and strong personality.

And oh...you guys should try the Ice Chocolate drink at Marché...really really good as they use Lindt chocolate as their main ingredient, not Hershey's like most chocolate drinks would use...:)


andriani retno said...

haduh itu fotonya mirip banget kak dii :)))

Mandy said...

Hai Dee im ur new reader, so surprise u have so many fans like celebrity :) Thats no wonder cos ur post always fun n cute so vibrant... I think for them seeing u is like escaping to different world.

i notice u always blogging late at night (thats so cool cos i alrd slept at that time), btw what do u do at day ?

Eks said...

i don't understand what you wrote... hehe
tapi aku suka fotonya...

Jessica said...

your outfit looks so playful!
and you do look cute as always.
im just wondering do you wear this when you go outside or for inspiration only?
still loving this :)


Agnia said...

Kak Dianaa, semua yang kakak tulis keren banget! Aku gakpernah baca blog yang sebagus ini:D beneran deeh kak hehehe :--)

Agnia said...

Kak Dianaa, blog kakak bagus bangeet! Keren deh, bisa mix&match kyk gituu hehehe :--)

maya said...

i love the shoes, is that from up?

riestya arum permata said...

it awesome :)
i always love your stuff :D


celia alexandra said...


Siti Nurul Falah said...


fhen said...

i love the combination of different texture on the skirt
and absolutely love the lace top :)

Steffi Santa said...

you're so creative, i love the way you combined those skirts into sth cooler. awesome! :D

Diana Rikasari said...

Thank you sooo much, all! :)

Andriani retno: you mean aku mirip sama S kah? Hehhehe....;p

Mandy: Hi dear...thank u so much! i blog at night cuz during the day i'm very busy taking care of my business www.iwearUP.com...:)

jessica: i actually do! but in some posts, i only take pictures for fun and not wear them out, so it depends, really. most of the times i take pictures of my outfits before i leave house though...:)

Irvina said...

wah iklan terselubung nih kayaknya huehehe :p

btw aku iri sama kak D and kak S, kalian cucok banget sih :D

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