Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Despite my backache, it has been a heavy, sad week. I am forever grateful and content of my life, but I cannot help to not feel sad of what's been going on around as well. I guess having been at home for days has forced me to watch TV and see myself what's happening in Indonesia, unlike other days where I just read news from Twitter and say "woah" or "sigh". What's your problem, Indonesia? Why the immorality? The closed-mind? The injustice? The easily-manipulated law? It's ironic how the Indonesian youth dream of a bright future, and we spend our days to learn, create and innovate for the betterment of this country. But on the other hand, it's not getting any better.

Then seeing my parents getting older somehow aches. I love them so much, and it hurts like anything to hear any medical diagnoses that means not okay, even when it's minor, even when it's curable. I am never ready to see my parents sad or get hurt. What keeps me going is my faith and my parents. Because of my parents, I am alive.

I am sorry, peeps. I've been crying a lot to Allah these days. I am scared. Group hug, please? :')

Thank you...:')

Dorothy Shop dress, Only I tulle skirt, Khaloong necklace & rings, unbranded hat, Rayban sunglasses, Up wedges


Brandon said...

you have an amazing blog!

please check out mine?

rizky annisa said...

super hugs diana..u're not alone.we all smile always will you?:)

de2via said...

sabar yaa... everything's going to be just fine, somehow... :)

Anonymous said...

kak diana :)
I just want to tell you. I am scared too. you are scared. Everyone is scared.
Indonesia is not safe anymore. the law is money now. I don't have so much strange, brain, or else. but I have so much love love love for Indonesia.
I know, someone above us WILL NOT hear our scream about 'where is the true justice?' but by you, by your blog I want to share something cause I know many people will read your blog.

hey people, do something right for our country. not because of money, but because of our love for our country.

thank you kak diana, for being so loveable. thank you because you're so proud to be Indonesian. thank you because you are introducing Indonesia to the world. thank you so much for your love to Batik.
I know, everyone who read yor blog will feel the same way too.

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

ahh almost forget. big hug for you :D
everything will be all right.

Anonymous said...

Super hugs, Kak.

Yang sabar ya kak, kakak emang beruntung banget punya orang tua yang bisa ngertiin kakak dan bisa mendukung bakat dan minat kakak. Selagi ada kesempatan, bahagiakanlah mereka :).

Kakak jgn pernah takut atau negative thinking tentang kondisi mereka, saat kakak sedang bersama mereka, pikirkanlah bahwa kakak masih punya 1000 tahun lg bersama mereka :).

O ya, Kak Di anak keberapa dari berapa bersaudara ya?

Salam :) .

gabriella tiurma said...

huuuuuuggsss ({})
keep smiling diana : )

turisuna said...

Take care of your parents. I did a big mistake before and made my parents disappointed, especially my father. I regret it so much, but it's too late because my father has passed away. I have no chance to fix my mistake and apologize to my father, and it feels really painful. Now i give my life for my mom, I will do everything for her, I don't want to disappoint her again. You had just realized how much you love someone after he/she was not on your side anymore.

Yuliana Maddi said...

big hug for you kak...put your smile on your face, and it's gonna be alright :)

cindir-rela said...

big hug for u , D !!!

Amalia Hani said...

don't be sad...
cheer up!!!!!!!!

Linda Regina said...

"Then seeing my parents getting older somehow aches."
And dies.

We're same, Diana. I really dont want imagine about the fact that my parents will die someday, too hard fact of life to face T_T .. I cannot guarantee my self if the day when it comes, I'm already ready for it or maybe never.


Mudrica Rusfiani said...


You know what those two BW pictures of you are so high-fashion! Love the pose and your glasses. :*


-Melissa Rina- said...

HUG!!! ily girl! :">

Anonymous said...

*bear hug*

nadhirah nasser said...

biiggg hugsss... (like teletubbies) hehe.. i am feel u. nice post, just keep in mind, that Allah will always by our side.. InsyaAllah..

Izzah Houdini said...

You look gorgeous. Love the hat and the necklace!

hunzipheartcore said...



Catherine Au Jong said...

very cute accessories!


mybagstage said...

Pray that everything will be alright

r.i.n.a said...

hug-hug!! <3

Anonymous said...

rajin solat dan inget selalu sm Allah .


Anonymous said...

me to kak.. feel insecure.. about our country, about family, about my self also...:'(

big hugs for you kak di... :')
cheer up kakak... everything gonna be okay... all will be well.. we can get through this... we know we'll survive.. Indonesia will be better... Amiiiin...

Dini said...

sabar ya kaa :)
get well soon kak di, your parents, and Indonesia *bighug* ^^

YUI said...

cheer up :)
btw, i love those rings a lot! <3

Indah said...

"I am never ready to see my parents sad or get hurt. What keeps me going is my faith and my parents. Because of my parents, I am alive."

Exactly what I've been thinking. :')

Cheer up, Diana!

deevro said...

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revel in me said...

*big hug* :)

Indah Nada Puspita said...

i cried by reading this post, oh my :'(

Lhuri said...

Why are you sorry for being sad?
There, there, a hug from a stranger :)

Erlinda "Miss Little Town" said...

*group hugs*

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