Monday, February 7, 2011


Been home the whole day pretty much doing nothing but sleeping, taking medicine and getting massaged.

Gonna sleep, peeps...good night! :)


RS said...

I was juust about to tell you to get a massage. I ALWAYS get a backache when I travel back to Malaysia from England or vice versa. Airplanes hate me. -__-

ANd so do heavy luggage bags. Sigh.

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

kak diana roknya blm disetrika :p
tp kok tetep lucu :)
i'm biggest fan of yours..
cups :*

ManJe said...

take rest nicely dear.. hope u will well soon... don't do heavy work ya.

tom said...

Cepat baikan ya kak D!!!

Cadeau said...

No wonder you suffered backache, you're an online business lady now :p
facing laptop all day long must bring you backache
Get well soon & goodluck for your UP!


Dewanti Primayani said...

get better soon kak diana :)

Anonymous said...

Hi D,

It's not the high heels' effect isn't it?

Get well soon dear..


King Money said...

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mybagstage said...

Kecapean kali Di, byk aktivitas :) Get well soon ya!

Ditha said...


Sorry to say but I laughed when I was read this post :D

Huahaha.. macam nenek-nenek deh. Encok. Umur emang ga bohong ya :p

Get well soon, grandma.
*Big Hugs.

Gurlish said...

Get well sonn..!! (>.<)

Anonymous said...

Kak Di, get well soon ya biar bisa cepet posting lagi! Keep Blogging dan jgn lupa jaga kesehatan hehe. Aku perhatiin Kak Di sering ngepostnya malem-malem, mungkin kecapekan, Kak.

Shopomore said...

Banyak minum Aqua ka Di, ketika kerja :D

Insya allah sembuh hehe

Mainur Hasnah said...

saya sakit kepala sebab sakit gigi..hehe.. kamu cepat baik ya :)

nadhirah nasser said...

get a hot water bottle/bag, put it behind ur back (painful area) wherever u r sitting up. in the car, in front of the PC! get well soon!

eiphel mercedes said...

maybe the way you sit and blogging isn't right? too much playing with computers isn't good, especially back, because you are bend over for a long time with a typical pose..
you should check up on doctor, kak di :)

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