Friday, February 4, 2011

Gadgety Clickety

I love accompanying S roaming around computer, gadget & electronic shops...although he wouldn't believe this, I really am happy to learn & appreciate better his world...:)

And S just gave his wisdom-words once again, which is to not buy pirated softwares as it will ruin my laptop's machine in the long run (I was intending to when we were at Mangga bad)...I've actually never thought about it that way, but come to think of it, my CD player actually got broken because I've been playing pirated CDs with it...sigh.

He also told me that no matter how good pirated softwares can be, buying original ones just simply provide us a peace of mind...:)

Appreciate “100% Original” softwares, peeps! :)


Anonymous said...

Kak Di, aku tuh kadang suka dilema deh.

Aku tau beli software bajakan itu dosa & jahat krn gak ngehargai sesuatu yg udah capai-capai diciptakan org. Jujur, nuraniku memberontak.

Tapi, contohnya deh utk program Photoshop, itukan mahal kak harganya buat ukuran kantongku :(. Kalo ngedit foto pake Photoscape atau kan gak bisa semaximal Photoshop. Terus gimana ya, Kak? :(

RS said...

this is true! I haven't bought pirated ANYTHING for a very looong time and it does bring a peace of mind. =) Cos u know you're the right thing and getting something worth the money. ;)

Laili said...

Hello there. Sambil ngeblog ikutan PO juga yuk di peenan shop, gampang kok tinggal search aja di fb pasti ketemu. Tq.

Bayu Hidayat said...

wah pirated. pengen sih yang ori ori aja. tapi mau gimana lagi. ori MUAHALLLL. mending download aja. yah bajakan juga ya. ya dah beli ori deh kalo lebih duit nya. gitu

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