Friday, February 25, 2011

Acknowledging The Necessary

It's always interesting to bring up a topic about piracy in the context of women and fashion. Unlike guys who are more straightforward admitting that they buy pirated goods just for the sake of a cheaper price, women seem to have a more complex reasoning in their purpose and justifications.

Talking about buying pirated goods is not always about "I can afford" or "I can't afford". It's not always about the finance. It's about the thinking behind it. When I buy a fake good, I openly tell people that it's fake, and bought it just for fun because it was too cute and too cheap to simply miss. As wrong as this is, at least I don't run away from the fact that it was wrong. I admitted it. However, there are many people out there who buy fake goods and pretend that they're not. They act all expensive and classy and think that they're NOT wrong. It's like saying "this isn't red" while in fact everybody knows it's red and you yourself know as well.

It leads to a nowhere-point when we debate on "but you're rich and you can afford while I can't but i want to look just as stylish". It's not a matter of social status, economy class or the action itself, but a simple thought & act of taking responsibility. The richest people can buy fake goods after all. But then what would matter is how they respond and take responsibility of their actions; to admit or to fake it.

Be 100% original inside and outside, peeps. But it's always more important to start from the inside...:)


Happily Ever After said...

Agree! :D

I'd rather afford and wear non-famous original brands than the fake one.
I like your consistency in writing on ur blog DAILY, so inspiring! Please follow back my new blog if u have time and don't mind :)

dePerta said...

i choose wear unbranded ones than cheap fake ones
but i mostly i buy thing not more than 150k rupiah because ...dompet kering buat sekolah ajah hohoh
and i mostly rather choose make my own clothes,shoes and bag haha

Aul Howler said...

Well, i'd read ur blog since 2010...
But this's my first comment :)

Love ur blog, Kak di :)

Btw what're ur hobbies?

Dini said...

I can't afford famous brand, so I buy the fake one only if I really need them. I wouldn't buy them if I don't need them. I don't buy things for show off. I like your thought Kak Di :D

Jennifer said...

kak diana, i'm a bit surprised when i found your UP designs were copied here for pre-order, and the price is even higher than yours (the original ones):!/album.php?fbid=10150108477593241&id=581328240&aid=276522

or does she have cooperation with you?

anyway, sabar aja ya kak :)

triandani rara ramadanti said...

absolutely agree !!

uchie suci utami apsari said...

i agreed

Jennie Morgan said...

Hey Diana,
I'm a blogger from Canada and I love your style! So glad I discovered your blog. :)

Too Hard to Find a URL blog

Joey said...

At the end of the day, these people are not fooling anyone, but themselves. They trot around with their fake Guccis and fake LVs from head to toe as if they are all that, while the real ones are the ones that are elegantly silent. They don't have to flash their designer goods, but knowing that they are carrying a quality bag is enough for them.

Putu Gian said...

agree kak :)
dulu aku pikir it's okay to buy fake goods...but now..aku mulai berhenti menggunakan the fake-ones...
dan rasanya sangat membanggakan :))
thanks for inspiring me kak :)

Anonymous said...

setujuuuu!! saya pernah mencoba beli satu barang bajakan, dan habis itu rasanya menyesal banget :( saran buat para pecinta fashion dengan budget rata-rata seperti saya: sering-sering deh ke Matahari, karena disana banyak barang bagus, asli, dan harganya juga bersahabat banget! yah walaupun mereknya gak terkenal, BUT WHO CARES ANYWAY? :P

Anonymous said...

oh come on. it is all about finance when ppl bought fake stuff.

when you afford it, you won't buy a fake one.

and it's all up to them how they wanna bring about admitting them or not. and nobody is wrong.none of anyone's business here.

just an opinion.=]

Anonymous said...

cuma opini doank ya kak..
kebanyakkan orang beli barang palsu ya memang karena finansialnya ga sampai. Misal ada orang yg gajinya 5jt/bln..kan sayang jg kalo mesti beli sepatu loubotin yg harganya 10juta ke atas. Dan waktu dia liat ada tiruannya, modelnya dia suka en harganya jauuuh lebih terjangkau..dibeli deh =)
Apalagi kadang ada orang yg pakai apa aja tetap keliatan biasa (maaf, pakai barang mahal juga tetap keliatan murah). Kan sayang uangnya...

Tentang mengakui atau tidak, masa iya setiap orang yg make barang palsu harus cerita2 kalo yg dia beli itu palsu? Iya kalo ada yg nanya, nah kalo ga ada? hehe..

"They act all expensive and classy". Sebagian orang kan memang sudah pembawaannya kaya gitu kak.. Contoh, seandainya Silvia Siantar pakai tas LV palsu, tetap aja gayanya dia classy..karena pembawaannya udah begitu.
Dan bagi yg ga tau, bakal ngira itu tas asli... Tapi bagi yg tau, apa mungkin bakal mikir dia "act classy" gitu ya?

Anonymous said...

yes, it is other people business, whether they want to admit it or not. I buy fake goods because i want to, whether to boost my confidence or just for fun. We have different needs and different preferences.

no hurt feeling here

Anonymous said...

well, you can't buy attitude, taste and style, and those, for me, are the most important aspects of fashion. People can be so friggin rich that she could buy everything, but if she didnt have the taste and the right attitude, whatever she wears and does would look wrong. But you can wear cheap, thrifted goods and make it look interesting, classy and even expensive if you have the taste. That's just me, though.

hunz said...

beberapa orang beli barang palsu atau bajakan tanpa mereka sadari malah.. gak maksud gaya or pamer or biar terlihat lebih keren.. habis produsenya yg bikin brand2 terkenal gtu.. orang2 seperti itu hanya liat barang itu bagus, affordable yah di beli.. hehe.. (lack of knowledge)

kalau gw Die, prefer ke produsenya untuk be original and dare to be original.. ^^

And gw pribadi lebih suka beli barang2 brand kaya gtu nunggu diskon or beli yang second.. hehe.. lebih baik dibanding beli yang bajakan toh? :P

semangat yah Die.. :D

ms. hunz

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