Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wheels Keep Spinning

Hi, everyone...:)

I really apologize for not being active and swift in replying to your emails & blog comments lately...although I do still slip some time to blog, I don't quite have the energy to respond to each and every question I receive, but I promise you I do read them...and thank you very much...:')

Life's been really crazy on my side and it's occupying my mind a lot...I'm amazed and grateful by how much love you all give for my shoe line, Up, and because of that, I'll be insya Allah opening a store very very soon...I hope this new store will allow us to interact & serve you better, allowing Up to progress and become a better brand...I'm sooooooooooo excited...I hope everything will run smooth..amin ya Allah...:')

Aside from Up, I'm also currently developing a new business, not fashion-related, but I can assure you it's just as fact, it's so exciting that I'm in love with it hahah...I can't reveal what it's about yet, but I'll keep you guys posted! :)

And can also read my writings on every issue of Cosmogirl!...:)

I guess that's about it for now...again, thank you so much for the very kind comments and emails, everyone...I'm trying my best to reply them all...much love! :)



adynura said...

its okay....saya yakin kita semua mengerti akan hal itu,
keep rocks!!

Nur Athirah said...

I love your blog and I'm your 6666th follower. Wicked! :D

syara said...

Kak diana,
so nice reading your personal post and how you feel so excited bout things happen around you now. After UP, people might think that it's your number one "project" now,so it amazes me knowing you still have more energy to do another thing. It's like you're giving me (or anyone else) spirit indirectly to achieve everything I want but i can't achieve yet coz I still "need" to do something else.
Well, good luck for every plan that you have kak, and keep us inspired (esp. me...^^).

coycoy said...

yes.. i do..

Anonymous said...

Kak Di, I personally think you're a really good role model. :)
I think you're smart, gorgeous, creative. You also come with your own religious side. Kayanya semuanya seimbang gitu kaaaak. hehe
Good luck ya Up & new business nya :-)

Linda Regina said...

I'm sure I will go to your store as often as I can, Di. ;)

Cepetaaaann Dii XDD .. gw paling malas nunggu barang2 bagus, tp cm bisa dipesen online xD hahahhahaa

Pray hard, work hard, sleep hard ok


indri said...

Dear Diana,

Thank you for sharing your passions. You are truly inspiring.

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