Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nothing Like You & I

Dinner with S at Mother's Cook, then karaoke with Dina and friend...lovely night...:')

Promod blazer, unbranded shirt, DR for Bloop Endorse faux leather shorts, various brooches, Topshop tights, Tender Blush shoes

You guys should really try this...we love it! :)

Excuse the poor quality...took the pics with my BB

Anyway, please enjoy the song below, a song which pretty much describes my feeling currently...good night! :)

The Perishers - Nothing Like You & I


Anonymous said...

hai diana :)
aku tetap suka untuk berkunjung ke blog kamu

tapi entah kenapa sepertinya kamu sedikit berubah setelah menerima bnyk job di bidang entertainment..

mungkin sebaiknta usahakn untuk ttp low profile and stay on the earth :)


Anonymous said...

i love this song too..
ini laguku sm cowo aku juga... :)
OST-nya note book kan...
ada lagi yg enak, judulnya the distance... :)

Wina said...

love the song : ) hoping to one day feel the same way as you do listening to it :D

chie suci utami apsari said...

love the coat and the stocking

arum said...

pinjem jaketnya :D:D

btw,,mw order UP tp ga bisa2,,tiap hari daku coba,,ttp ordernya penuh.. sedihnya hati ini..

Edwina said...

Cool jacket! And that Devil's Mountain looks so yummy.. *drooling* :p

Flickering Moonlight

Anonymous said...

a very beautiful song...

Irsyad said...

kunjungan pertama di blog yang penuh keceriaan

Nice ^[]^

Anonymous said...

Hey, your blog is so nice!
My blog's called L.M (, are you maybe interested in link exchange?

bye :)

Diana Rikasari said...

thanks, all! :)

anonymous: hi! I'm not sure what made you think so...but i can assure you that i have always been myself...but thanks! really appreciate your concern & thoughtful gesture...:)

Anonymous said...

i was wondering. who is ur photographer ek ?

Irvina said...

kak diana!!!!

really love your blazer, tights, and shoes! wanna get it aaaaaaa #mupeng

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