Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Round & Buttoned Up

I can never resist round sunglasses. I think they're the "it" sunglasses. Ever.

From top to bottom: Mango, Jean Patou, Rayban, Rayban

Btw, other than being a chocoholic, I'm also a peanut-butter-holic. So M&M's in peanut-butter flavor is just THE bomb. Yuuummm.


jacobian said...

your skirt is just so captivating. :-)

shofani azhari said...

its so cute of all !
i'm really your BIG FANS!

shofani azhari said...

its so cute :)
i'm ur BIG FANS from tasikmalaya!

Nanachan said...

funny glasses... :)

sagamasa said...

love the m&m.. ;)


Lolade said...

Love the last pair of glasses..lovee RayBans!

check out my blog :)

henny vitri said...

YEAY to Rayban! :D

Fadilla Ungaro Acsa said...

Love the glasses so much.

I wanna say, u are the lucky girl di!



JulianTanoto said...

wow lovely round glasses!<3


intan :) said...

I'm agree with Fadilla, you're a lucky girl! :D
Btw, I love the first glasses, and I love M&Ms too :p


sararocks said...

Well, I heard M&M's is forbidden here in our country, where did you get that?? Because I am an M&M's fan too! :D

Anyway, I put you on my presentation about Personal Branding, Kak :] As an example of people using personal brand to promote their self.

You may check it out here http://srox.tk/N Thanks :]

cik NAD -miszhelena- said...


i loike ur round rayban sunglasses
i tried to find in here but didnt find it.



Diana Rikasari said...

Thank you so much, everyone! :)

sararocks : really? M&M's available everywhere here in Jakarta...:) About the presentation, thank you soooo much!! :)

cik NAD -miszhelena-: they're vintage! so pretty hard to find nowadays...try ebay.com! :)

**OnYxStA** said...

i wish they had those m&ms here....tres jellie


purnay said...

<3 so many vintage looking pieces!!! XD


free your mind said...

bunga itu walpaper atau gambar sendiri ?

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