Friday, October 22, 2010

Five For All

Today was sooooooo fun and exciting...glad to be a part of this event...:) Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to drop by and or was fun to meet all of you! :)

Allure batik kebaya, Zara stripe shirt, custom made shorts, unbranded flower brooch, Uniqlo tights, Kloom sandals

My special thanks to Intan for helping me out throughout the whole day...we should do this more often! Hehehhe....;p

PS: A short video of the event courtesy of the lovely Michelle of Glisters & Blisters....thanks, love!! :)



how I wish I could be in Jakarta today to attend u guys garage sale!


Violet said...

looks like you had fun!

Vi from Cali

Rebecca Clairine said...

Its look so much fun kak !
Hope u will do it again for next year ! :D


ikada said...

di, congrats yah buat acaranya.
i wish i could be there ^^,

ikada said...

di, congrats yah buat acaranya
i wish i could be there ^^,

celebs-trends said...

I wish I were there!!!
such a shame I wasnt.


zahra said...

wah ngga sempet ikut.. kapa ada lagi?

auraman said...

Saw a Dinarikasari in action again :D,...,

veda said...

look great...
unfortunately i coudn't come, hiks

unaaa said...

smalem acaranya sukses! n.n
tp sayangnya aku datengnya telat.yg bagus" uda pada abis deh.hhu

kira" kpn ya ada blogger yard sale lagi? hho n.n

mirramie said...

great job kaa :))


Yuliana Maddi said...

seneng bgt bs dtng kesana :)
do it again kak...aku dateng telat jd keabisan hehe

YennyDP said...

huaaa enaknya... i wish i were there! sob sob


aciiL said...

Aku dapet 1clana +2cincin dari kamuuu :D
seneng banget ngeliatin kamu kadi, lucu bgt hihi.
Eiya udah buka gift dari aku belom?
Suka ga ka? Hehehe

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

i love your outfit kak :)

tons of fun, i can see it


shinta hawa thandari said...

you look great yesterday :D

Firya Adristi said...

whoa, you look so cool with your clothes :) I want to go to the event.. haha

Miy said...

Cool.. wish I were there..

The Picnic Girl

jacobian said...

so many pretty girls there.too bad I missed it. :-)

Syakir Achyar said...

Hai Diana, aku lagi belajar fashion & ngeblog soal fashion. UIjin buat nge link ya..
thanks B4

M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

seems you had soo much fun kak di :)

Amelia Winnie said...

aah too bad I were not able to come... The event seemed real awesome as I had expected.

Wish you guys do it again in the next few months! dont wait until next year or so on :D

si kecil merica said...

Di aku kesana diajak sepupuku, emang agak malem sih tiba di sana jam 21. 15 an, tapi kecewa berat banyak stand yang sudah di tinggal pelayan nya, padahal belum jam 22.00 malem :( jadi sedih, mana ada yang komentar gak enak lagi, salah sendiri dateng nya malem hiks :(

angela jessyana said...

wish i could come :(
hey, i like the outfits here! so colorful.


S + Y said...

Looks like you girls had an awesome time! How I wish I were there :(


AlvianaKalin said...

awesome event! :)

Diana Rikasari said...

thanks, all!! it was a blast! :)

zahra & unaa: soon! do wait...;p

si kecil merica: oh myy im sooooo sorry for this...and i am sorry on behalf of all bloggers...did i see u that night? im sure whoever said that didn't mean it that way, perhaps said it out of tiredness & pun (though not appropriate)...thanks for the feedback! :)

Sindy said...

why don't you do it on sunday? ;(

Elena said...

I love your blog and the pictures you posted. Very distinguished and fun.
Keep up what you are doing. I bet you have a lot of followers!

Kelly said...

What a great idea, having a blogger yard sale!!

<3 Kelly

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