Monday, August 16, 2010

A Wee Bit Of Opening Up

In almost all interviews I have so far done, I find it the most difficult to answer when I am asked how I became a fashion blogger. Sometimes I just do and not think. Most of the times I just do and have fun. Never in my life have I ever imagined on becoming a (fashion) blogger, moreover be recognized for it. I always feel that that single question actually puts me to shame...hahah! :D

"Fashion" is a big word for me and it's one of those words I try to use the least. I have never gone to a fashion school, taken any fashion-related course, watched Fashion TV nor read fashion magazines or books in a devoted manner. I have poor knowledge on fashion histories, designer names, types of shoes, skirts, dresses and whatever.

During my first interviews, I've always asked the interviewer to refer me as just a "blogger" and omit the "fashion" label, but no matter how hard I try, I guess the label just sticks and so I let myself get used to it. I just want to apologize to the real fashion professionals if I, by any chance, have made them think that I have insulted the fashion world by my lack of "real fashion taste" (as some commentators have put it) and my bad choices of mix-and-match which most of the times sort of hurt the eyes.

I love clothes, and shoes, probably in the most innocent manner that I just have fun with them and follow no rule, guide, or trend. It's like having pleasure in taking blurry pictures because you just like them that way although you know most photographers would think of them as something nonsense. I guess...nonsensicality is the fundamental of fun...;)

All in all, I am very much grateful to all of you who have kindly appreciated whoever I am, blogger or fashion blogger, and keep supporting me to make progress and achievements. I guess it's up to people to make perceptions on who we are based on what we (seem to) do. What matters most, is that we genuinely enjoy what we (actually) do. Thank you, everyone! :)



jacobian said...

I don't think of my life as a career. I do stuff. I respond to stuff. That's not a career — it's a life!” Steve Jobs

there, the quote from steve jobs might illustrate your situation in a more comprehensive way.

Eline said...

Your outfits are so great just because you simply have fun with clothes and don't think about it that much further! :D

.:nyala said...

you just follow your heart :)
and surpise.. a huge unique aura sparkling on you ;)
and make peoples go crazy about you
and (the best part) you spread the happy feeling...

so keep shining dear!

*oh-pardon-my-belepotan-english x.x

anisizatyA.J said...

..And there's nothing wrong with having fun with whatever makes ourselves happy. :)

Amelia Winnie said...

"I love clothes, and shoes, probably in the most innocent manner that I just have fun with them and follow no rule, guide, or trend..."
Totally, fashion shud be fun though. Rules are just carried out by the media. Reality has proven that the media got such power to pull everything out of the box, in a bad way sometimes (uh oh, most of the time!)
Cheers! =)

ratieh said...

i like your outfit and how you mix and match them.

the most important thing is just be your self, wear what you want to wear as long as they're comfortable for you ant fit to you. =))

Anonymous said...

hey diana, are you broke up already with bena?

Melai said...

Hey diana :) Don't think about it. Even if you're not pro on fashion, you're doing great! When I discovered your blog, I was like super happy I did! I kept on clicking OLDER POSTS and looked at you archives! You're doing well my dear. and you have a new fan and follower in me. :)

I've been blogging for 4 months only. Since I'm starting, I find people like you really inspiring :)

Melai of Style and Soul

babalisme said...

Hi Diana,

Indeed. it has come to my mind also that not all indonesian bloggers are fashion bloggers.

It's like now when I told my friend I have a blog and they would normally ask so you take pictures of yourself everyday? Don't you ever get bored? sigh.

.. and some of self proclaimed fashion bloggers are more eye torturing than your delightful blog actually. I mean, Tavi who can pronounce Demeulemeester like a pro and write article about fashion week IS a fashion blogger, but some teenager posting "Look, how hawt I am in my new zara dress or look what I bought and please follow me" ...well not so much.

I'm so glad that you wholeheartedly accept who you are with or without that "fashion" label. we ARE bloggers, the world is separated enough, let's not dwell too much in labeling.

kiky_rose said...

just do whatever you like, di!

Zatil Aqmar said...

this is probably the most down-to-earth post by a fashion blogger i've ever encountered.

keep up the attitude, it's one of your charms :)

Fida Muthia said...

"..nonsensicality is the fundamental of fun"

I really like that statement.

Anonymous said...

dear diana,
i admire you u become so inspiring for others?? u look so confident at all..same like me..i never thought i have fashion sense before this but after found your blog i do what i never know before..i feel great n happy about my self..

thank u diana for inspiring us to be brave..

Anonymous said...

Dear Humble Diana,

For me you are an insult to fashion. Like Anna says, "it's either you know or you don't know fashion". And you don't.

Stop putting the word fashion in brackets because fashion is a real word and a real thing and a real field of study and there are real people working in fashion business.

I do research for my writing. Does that make me a "researcher"? And I do market research for things I publish. Does that make me a "market researcher"?

Don't apologize for insulting the fashion industry. Just don't insult it.

I hope McQueen can still lie peacefully in his grave knowing that there's a person who puts the word fashion in brackets and is known as a FASHION BLOGGER.

An insulted fashion editor

Diana Rikasari said...

Thank you, everyone..:)

Anonymous: thank I've mentioned, I've never asked to be labelled as "fashion blogger", but when the public sees me that way, I don't think I can do much after all..but thanks! You must be a great fashion editor..would be great if you could also share your name and the magazine / company you work for..:)

jacobian said...

diana, I want to give you a piece of an advice. actually I am a bit concerned with many anonymous commenter trying to bring you down by mocking your fashion taste or else trying to belittle your efforts in showing what a fashion really is.

would you just please disable anonymous commenting option. and force everyone to use their google account to be able to post comment in your blog instead. that way when they want to say something bad about you, they will think twice about it because they had to use their google account to leave comment in this blog.

as you already perhaps know, I had a few enemies myself. and I learn from every move my enemies make. and I did some precaution measure by disabling anonymous commenter in my blog. so please trust me, it would be better for you to disable anonymous commenting option in your blogspot dashboard.

I am big fan of your fashion style and I feel annoyed by knowing there are someone out there trying to belittle your motivation.


evita nuh said...

kak Di, I love you all the way,just don't mind them. he or she may say whatever they want, but the facts speak. look how famous you are, look how people love you. let me attached one of my favorite quote it's from Anton Ego, a character in Ratatouille,
"In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face is that, in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is more meaningful than our criticism designating it so."

see criticize is always the easiest thing..

HARAJUKU on SPOT said...

Dear diana,i just want to share my experienece to you here about being diffrent.
people around me always give comment about the way i dress, from junior high, senior, college even till now and its really tiring sometimes.

mendengar kritik dari mana mana, pro dan kontra aja isinya idup gw ini boo, terutama soal taste fashion gw yang di anggep beberapa orang aneh, tapi yaa gw cuek aja "terserah gw dehh mau pake apaan"(kasarnya gitu)
kadang cape sih, pengen jadi orang normal aja, berpakaian normal, tapi gak bisa hahahaha.

dan sekarang nih di, kalo ketemu temen temen gw trus nanya apa kerjaan gw, mereka langsung pada biang "iya iyaa cocok, pantess lo di bidang itu" hahaha

i really love your blog, and ur style is inspiring me always, even when i am doing photo shoot i look at ur blog to see whats u wear, and how u wear it.

pliss tetaplah posting neng, i am one of ur fans you know!!

FLoRette said...

Diana, I always read your blog. Everyday! (Should I repeat? Everyday!!) :D hehehe
I reaaaaally love ur blog. Well I'm not a fashion magazine editor. Sometimes I like the way u mix n match the outfits, but sometimes I don't.
It doesn't matter for me what shoes u put on, what clothes u wear. All that matter is ur energy, ur spirit, ur positive mind. It teaches me to think positive to live my day.
There's no other blog that I love as much as I LOVE ur blog. Really.
The world is already full with negative things. So, let's just make it shinier with positive things.
U may consider the negative comments from people as a stepping stone to get better.
Keep shining Diana, n keep spreading ur positive "light" through all the world.


moi said...

well well diana
keep on ur spirit!
I do really love ur blog,
with or without those fashion tag, Hot Chocolate & Mint is adorable!
even I made a review about this on my blog!
You may want to visit there someday..

mollie ^_^

babalisme said...

Dear Anonymous,

I know how you feel, it's quite an insult too, for the design industry, if anyone proclaim his/herself as a graphic designer if he/she couldn't even tell the different between arial and helvetica or think crop-copy-paste is the ultimate design solution.

but I am really really enjoying the work of street graffiti artist, back-of-truck painters, and little children who made their own so called magazine. They never proclaim themselves as designers but sometime such works could be a lot more interesting even better than formally educated designers'.

What I'm trying to say is, not on Diana's behalf, Diana is one of them. She never proclaim anything, but her blog has made national/international fashion industry (you, a fashion editor, for instance) turn their heads to this playful blog of hers. Yes, she doesn't know fashion, but it seems that the industry itself has acknowledge/labeling her as a fashion blogger. If you want to state your disagreement please don't give it to Diana, give it to ones who label her.

Anonymous said...

Do not ever think about the words of people who just dropped the confidence and passion. Sort-select which friends who spread a positive aura for you, which do not.

If you're down, look at achievements in the past to generate confidence.

Continue to update your style with a better style and of course in accordance with your personality. Never be afraid to express themselves. Do not even think of leaving something that has made your name known. Because, to start something new again it was not easy and may not be as successful as the first.

Success always, Diana!
I like your style!

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