Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Chicken & Egg

Peeeeps...I'll be doing a Q&A session, so if you have any questions you'd like to ask about me, feel free to leave the question(s) in this post's comment box, and I'll try to answer them all in one post later...toodles! :)


jacobian said...

how many boyfriend did you ever had before?

Sari said...

kapan married sama kak sharjeel nya kaak? teruus nanti kalo udah nikah, kakak ikut ke luar atau tetep di indo?? ;)

qib said...

why heavy airplane can fly but small n lite bicyle cant?

dian said...

hai... just wanna ask u 1 question... how do u describe bout yourself?? ^^

Tio Mahanani said...

hai kak diana,
i'm actually a really new beginner in blogging. have you ever experienced a time where no body comment on your post? what was your feeling? how long did it take till you got so many followers like now?
i love your blog :)
thank you!

Lichy said...

how much is your monthly allowance (if you still live with your parents)? what´s your dream job? where would you like to live one day?

anggi said...

how much money that u spent to buy fashion items in a month?

Sue.N said...

How did you start blogging?and when you becomes famous?

beholder said...

What's your parents professions, and do they professions have a strong influence in your life?

Riumni Oolya said...

What encourages you still exist in blogging-world till now?


cindir-rela said...

hai kak d!

im impressed with ur skin. my q are, what product do u apply to your skin,

and if u had a scar, what do you use to disappear them?

Riumni Oolya said...

What's your goal to achieve for 10 years later?

What's your role model?

Is your mom as fashionable as you?

Who inspires you on mix-and-match?

What's your favorite store to take several items home?

Which style describes you too much? Girly or rebel? Or, what?

Can you describe fashion by your own definition?

Who inspires you to blogging?

What's your favorite (local and international) designer?

What's your feeling when your blog is featured in the magazines or fashion websites?

After you made Love Earth bag, will you do other contribution for earth?

Do you like to comment back on all your blogfans's?

Will you visit and link your commenter's blog if interesting and if they ask?

I think I ask you too much. Because I'm interested to be interviewer! ;)
Sorry before. Hope you kindly answer all my questions :)
Happy fasting month, kak Di!

Riri~ said...

How you describe your dream wedding gown?

dearme said...

i heard that you are an industrial engineering graduated! did u like this major? are u interesting to have a job that fit to ur degree? thx

Marcella Cornelia said...

how do you height and weight??

aciiL said...

Pengen nanya semua hahahahahh.
Kadiiii, berapa banyak pasang sepatu dan baju yg km punya?
Hihihi.. Jangan disebut misal 'lebih kurang 100 pasang'
jangan gitu ya ka, aku mau tau berapa banyak haha.
Readers pasti penasaran BANGET :*

Putu Gian said...

hi kak..
sekarang kerja dmana?

Anonymous said...

hi diana, im from brunei.

there's a few quest i would like to ask. your blog has inspired alot of peoples who loves fashion. Explain to me how do you like fashion soo much. and as far as i know that, Fashionista's like you shouldve known some awesome designers.. Give me atleast ur top 5 designers/ their collection/ summer or fall and why?

Deeya Cantabile said...

what is your favourite color and why?

no no no
this is not a tights giveaway contest..
im just asking :)

Anonymous said...

kenapa dulu ambil teknik industri?

Anonymous said...

hi there! i love ur blog!
u're using a lot of high heels..
i like using high heels but i found it not comfortable.

Juz wondering do u find it comfortable to wear?

Anonymous said...

diana , what is the type of camera that you use to take your pictures ? Is that SLR camera ?

gotie said...

kak dee, kacamata geeky nya merk apa? aku pengen beli tp masih bingung. pengen yg kayak kak dee

Anonymous said...

If you were animal, would you be still fashionable and what would that be?


daayunnal said...

have you ever met your readers, and they noticed you?
if yes, what was your reaction?


Bella Beatrice said...

who's your dressing-inspiration?

alia pewe said...

sekarang kan kk kerja kantoran, tp hobi kk di bidang fashion ternyata bisa menjadi suatu pekerjaan juga
kira2 kak di bkl fokus di satu hal aj ga sih ? kl iya kenapa n kl nggak kenapa :)

trus satu pertanyaan lagi yg aku penasaran banget
kl aku nglyat fashionista yg lain, kenapa aku selalu menangkap kesan terbuka dan seksi
tapi saat aku baca blog kk dan mlihat foto2 kk, walaupun kk pake rok atau celana di atas lutut, kk kliatan biasa aj dan malah enak diliat
knapa bs bgitu ya ?

@Erlinda Mikal a.k.a. Miss Little Town@ said...

Looking at the weather in Jakarta, don't you feel warm with layered outfits?

What is the name of your job?

Sherlly said...

Hai diana,
I want to ask you several question :

1. how the way you manage your time from working, blogging and personallife ?

2.What is your job now ? Is your job already your passion ? or blogging is your passion ?

3. What is the big investment and effort to be a famous blogger ?


Sparkle of life

Anonymous said...

imagine you are traveling in neverland. aaaaand you left your bags at home. what will you wear when you meet peter pan?

Alchemist said...

Considering who and what you are now, why don't you go dotcom using your own name. It's a plus for your personal branding.
Furthermore, I guess a photoblog platform (using wordpress) will much more suitable for you.

vainhime said...

what do you do for living ?

Anonymous said...

Since,i'm in highschool i was wondering,how was your high school years? Is it tough and how was your friends like and your surroundings?

Zoey said...

Just simple questions:
Don't you feel it's so warm or even hot wearing all those tights and stockings?
I mean as a person living in a tropical country, shouldn't you dress as if it's summer (I think you are not fashion conscious - especially with the climate in your contry).
You wear them just because you want to look fashionable ?
I've tried once using stocking going to mall in Jakarta(very thin, not thick like tight)but still I felt it was very warm even in a air-conditioned room.
Sorry if this sounds rude, but no no it's not what I mean here

ingga said...

helloo, just wanna say your english languange is very perfect! not like me....... :p

ratieh said...

Hi Di..

i just wanna know, how many shoes do you have? and how do you take care all of them?? =D

Anonymous said...

Kak Di... :) Ini bukan bener2 pertanyaan sih, cuman aku pengennnn bgt ngeliat foto koleksi sepatu kak Di! abis lucu2...

MichelleCecilia said...

Kak di, aku penasaran banget soal ini:
1. tingginya brapa?kenapa ya kalo liat di foto kayaknya tinggi? tebakan aku sih 168 cm
2. kak di suka pake tas2 bajakan kayak yang di mangga dua gak?mungkin ga yang murah banget, misalnya kw super....tapi suka pake gak?
3. gimana caranya biar fashion blog kita cepet banyak followersnya ya? menurut pengalaman kak di sndiri gimana?

dr. L said...

How many pairs of shoes do you have? Yeah I'd like to see all of them. Must be really cute :)

Tara said...

Hello Diana, ada beberapa pertanyaan nih dr gw :

01. Pasti pernah kan mengalami stuck dalam membuat posting blog, nah gimana cara kamu untuk mengembalikan mood dan membuat posting yg akhirnya disukai bnyk orang ?

02. Jika nanti kamu akan menikah dan menjadi istri atau ibu, apakah kamu akan tetap mempertahankan blog ini ? blog yg telah kamu bangun dari nol dan menjadi besar seperti sekarang.

03. Pertanyaan terakhir, saya pernah membayangkan kamu membintangi video klip atau film layar lebar ? dan saya yakin banget itu akan terjadi suatu saat nanti, apakah kamu punya passion dalam dunia akting ? i believe u have that :)

Thanks... i'll wait ur answer..

Golda Regina said...

One thing you covet the most?

zahra mahdiatari said...

where did you take all your clothes when you probably already bored with it or maybe some have become old fashioned?

pamii :) said...

halo kak diana, sebenarnya pertanyaannya simple banget looh

sekarang kan blog nya udah banyak banget nih followernya .
udah terkenal banget kan ya.
jadi kenapa url nya gak pake domain aja ?

jadi pake dot com. dibandingkan pake blogspot.com

kan baguuus :)


Amelia Winnie said...

just wondering and don't get me wrong, D... I think you'll probably gimme a different answer than what most people have stated:

How does it feel to be the 'it' girl?

peace and cheers! :)

n i s a said...

the first time i saw ur blog i viewed it for hours and keep asking myself, how big is your closet actually?

and how much did you spent for your hair each month?

nisyalalaa said...

mau ga memakai baju dari House of Hoodie? bs dilihat produk kami di fb House of Hoodie. thanks

Anonymous said...

kak dee.. boleh liat foto keluarga besarnya ga ya?

FLoRette said...

Hallo Di,
what time d'u usually go to bed at night?
How d'u manage ur time between blogging n ur daily life?
When d'u take ur picture of what u wear that day? Is it in ur room? Who take the picture?
D'u exercise ur body to gym or something?
D'u take any supplement?
Where did u meet sharjeel?
I'll pray the best for u n sharjeel.

unaaa said...

Hi Diana!
uda banyak bgt ptanyaan yg diajuin by ur big fans.jd aku bingung mau nanya apa lg.hhe

tp aku disini mau meminta atau menyarankan.boleh yaaa?pliiiiiiiiis!

u have so many big fans.and i'm sure that they all are loving u so much! so do i n.n
therefore,why dont u make "meet and greet' with ur fans .umm,like dinner maybe .i'm sure that many girls in the world (khususnya di JAKARTA) wanna know u to more .
i'm sure it will be fun Dee!

oia,one more .
i disagree if u make a domain .
if u still use blogspot.com ,i think u will look like a simple famous girl .tq n.n


Lindy said...

Wow, so many questions
Maybe I'm the only a housewife as your silent reader who wanted to ask one question only, you may answer or not if you feel uncomfortable
"do you see yourself as a religious person?"

nagarikototangahbatuampa said...

halo kak Di
aku penasaran sama kamera yang kamu pake, kok bisa pas gitu ngambilnya.
soalnya aku juga sering ambil gambar pake SLR, cuma kadang kekecilan, dan pencahayaannya enggak pas.
kak di pake lighting ya?
trus potonya di edit dulu enggak?
sekian dulu,,,,
btw, saya mau interview kak Di tentang akun poop-art nya kak Di untuk di post di blog saya.
soalnya saya pertama kali kenal seorang Diana dari deviantart. baru tahun 2009 saya tahu blog kak Di.
apa boleh?



Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

can you give me/other bloggers blogging tips based on your blogging experiences?

Oepieck said...

Hi kak Diana!

Apa sih prinsip kakak dalam mix & match busana biar bisa jadi keren?

Mending barang murah apa barang mahal?

Makasih... :D

Adinda Rizkita Syafira said...

kak diana berapa bersaudara ?
kakak orang mana ?
sharjeel itu siapa ? yeah i know he is ur boyfriend, but who is he ? where's he lived, what he job ? blablabla i want to know hehe :D
kakak dulu kuliah ambil jurusan apa ? kata benakribo kakak udah s2 ya ? kuliah dimanaa ?

udah segitu aja deh,makasih yaa kak dianaaa :*

stephanie said...

miss D.. boleh nanya neh..
1. kuliah dulu di jurusan apa?
2. pekerjaan saat ini?

Anonymous said...

kak diana..
gimana masa kecil kakak?kan lahirnya di luar negeri,apa dari kecil udah suka sama fashion?ada foto2 waktu kak diana masih kecil ga?penasaran deh pengen liat foto2 bajunya :)

gimana menghadapi comment2 yg sifatnya gak penting,hanya untuk menggoda atau mengganggu kakak?secara kakak kan udah banyak dikenal orang, terutama buat cowo2 yang suka iseng?

apa keadaan terberat kakak selama menjalani hubungan long distance?karna aku juga pernah punya pacar di malaysia tapi sekarang udah ngga. Dan kapan nikah sama kak shajreel?cepetan nikah ya hihii..

aku seneng bgt kalo bisa dijawab
makasi kaa!

-dinta maharani-

Miss Kay said...

satu pertanyaan:
sebulan belanja abis berapa duit kak?

Harry Nugroho said...

Diana, are you spontaneous?

Yuni Tisna said...

Hi kak Di, seneng ada posting begini.
I wanna ask you several question! jawab yaaa :)

1. Kak suka thirfting ga? soalnya kalo aku lihat, kadang2 barang2 yang kak diana pake itu branded semua yak? hehe

2. Berapa budget dalam sebulan buat belanja?

3. Kak Diana kalo foto pake self timer atau enggak? and kameranya apa ya?

4. Selama ini kan kk selalu ngambil background di kamar, nggak mau coba di outdoor kayak fashion blogger lain? hehe

5. kk masih sodaraan sama Bena ga ya? soalnya kadang mirip sih! hehe

Udah itu aja, makasih kk diana :)

Windy said...

Kaaak aku mau nanya dong fashion blogger yg berjilbab dari indonesia siapa aja...mngkn k' dee tau. trims

iraa said...

haloo, aku ga pernah comment di blog kamuu tapi aku sering baca :)
skrg gpp ya aku mau ikutan nanya2..and my questions are, when is your darkest or hardest time that you've been experienced, and how could you overcome of those moments, what is it that made you feel stronger and confident to get through of that time?

thank you so much :)
nice to meet you hee hee

dee 2 said...

so i see that you actually shop or buy a lot of things, and i know ur working too. please do share to us how do u manage your finance??

do you still save a lot from your salary? and do you still getting money from ur parents?

thanks dee!

azlin said...

ill be in bandung for 5 days.bisa ngak suggest places to go?thank you

tikuka said...

tanya :
1. dulu kuliah di TI UI 2003 yah? ambil jurusan internasional, yg 2 taun di UI, 2 taun di luar yah?
2. dulu pernah kerja di perusahaan mana aja? sebagai?
3. sekarang kerja dmn?
4. gimana cara biar bhs. inggrisnya lancar kayak kamuuu? :)
5. zodiaknya apa kak?
thank youuuu... :)

Wina said...

do you photoshop all ur photos? i feel like ur photos always look very bright and cheery in color.

otherwise, what camera do u use to take pics? : ) thanksss

Anonymous said...

hi kak diana.
i would like ask u something about international shopping online.
do u use vsub's address for the delivery? :)

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