Tuesday, July 13, 2010

True. Happy. You.

Hi, everyone…how’s life? :)

It’s been a while since I shared about my life, don’t you think? All I can say is that BIG changes are turning up in my life, and I’m more than happy to take on all the challenges I will be facing...

Anyway, some random thoughts of mine.

Being true.
I’ve finally found this tiny bit inside of me that has significantly helped me in becoming a happier person (cheesy enough? ;p). It’s surprising that it took me this long to actually realize that what I wanted in life has been there all along…I was just too afraid to admit it and all the more, go for it. Sometimes we people tend to hide behind justifications and rationalizations, until you become conscious that you wouldn’t have needed to justify and rationalize anything if you were simply doing what you’ve been wanting to do. Life feels simple when you don’t have too many excuses, even simpler when you don’t need to make any.

Being happy.
A very good friend of mine raised an interesting view just now…she said, “but even when you’re already happy doing what you’ve been wanting to do, some people just like to make you forget the joy of it”. It takes a looooong process, a strong determination, to steel yourself from external discouragements that can take you down. Everyone has their say…so it’s okay. When we spend too much of energy and time bothering theirs, I guess we are the ones responsible of our own loss of happiness. Happiness is a mindset. You don’t create it, and it’s not a destination. It’s your mindset that takes you along the way. This life is yours to enjoy.

Being you.
Sometimes we undervalue ourselves. Most of the times we overrate everything but ourselves. As someone who works in the corporate world, I am often saddened by the reality that some people enjoy staying in their comfort zone, having the fact that the company’s making enough, they themselves are making enough, hence perceive themselves as doing enough. Be your own self with all the ability and knowledge you actually have. Raise the bar. Explore. And don’t rely on your company’s superiority and let ourselves be labeled by who we work for. It’s important to stand out as an individual, so people will remember that “she was the one who initiated the Rain campaign” instead of “she worked at XXX, the company who did the Rain campaign”.

Good night, peeps…:)


Raji said...

Aww these are beautiful little thoughts, I think its definitely true that we over complicate our own lives because we make excuses and allow others to taint out thoughts on what we're doing.
I'm glad to hear you're heading in an exciting happy new direction

black n white ladies said...

happiness is the great things that all people's waitin'...
and since I followin' you, You're such a very,very GREAT fashion blogger in our beloved country!!
I think you must be very happy for this things don'tcha???
LOVE diana rikasari


kiky_rose said...

just "find yourself in you"

Wifina said...

really interesting post, thanks for sharing kak diana :)

deshi said...

I am sinking in my comfort zone now. My office offered me good salary, but my heart doesn't belong here. Reading your note, being you section, is trully inspired me. You're so inspiring Diana...as always :)

titaz said...

I always think, everything is from our mindset
keep our mindset to be happy and positive, to enjoy the day :)

it's a great post I read to start the day..
this post encourage me to always keep my mindset to be postive even in the hardest part :)

thank you, Diana :)

Anonymous said...

subhanalloh ..

you really inspired me


Rizni Fitriana said...

seperti biasa kak di, you are so inspiring. I love it :))

Lolypop stuff said...

life just want to do what we do. and the happiness that comes from the mindset and actions. Indeed, if positive mind can bring good aura and happiness for us. Sometimes we shackled by the situation are not ourselves. It requires a long process to find our identity, and purpose in life

Laura said...

Thank you for these beautiful thoughts!!
Give me the force to fight for my dreams!!!
Have a nice day! :-)
Laura from Italy

Diana Rikasari said...

many thanks for all your feedback..it's great to hear what you all have to say...stay positive and happy, everyone! :)

black n white ladies: thank you so much...i just like to enjoy my days...:)

Indra Permana: alhamdulillah...:)

Regine Fiorenza said...

truly inspiring, kak diana :)
you're not just a fashion blogger, but you're also truly inspiring :)

Unique Chocolate Gifts said...

that's why I like to follow your blog. You did not only give us inspirations but also hope to continue to live

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