Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jeans and I

This is a comment I quite often get from people around:

"I rarely see you wearing jeans."

I do admit that jeans is a must-have item, however finding the perfect fitting jeans its not an easy case. I believe jeans are supposed to flaunt our body curves, but usually they end up fitting nicely on the waist and not on the hip, or vice versa. Given this, the only moments I decide to buy and wear a pair of jeans and disregard the fitting issue would be when I find the jeans cute, like these hehehhehehe...

Do you guys actually experience this as well? Or is it just me and my figure?


Amanda Corrine said...

I'm very tall so its always a mission finding jeans, but since I live in CA I just wear shorts all the time :)

t a l i s h a said...

don't worry, my case is far more extreme.. i couldn't remember when was the last time i wore a pair.. maybe when i was 13/14. i honestly don't have any pair of jeans at all.. LOL. jeans may be a must- have item for everybody else, but definitely not for me. at least, not for now.

Raji said...

Ahh I've totally given up wearing jeans exactly because of this problem.
I'm so short and end up having to take them up, or wear them long, or make a million other alterations
I just cant be bothered anymore
Perfect pair of jeans, where are you?!

baybe foxx said...

I think most girls are facing the same thing and me myself included. When u found a pair that flaunts your hip, the waist area is loose and hv to wear belt. And im quite tall, so it's hard to find the perfect length too..

Teppy said...

I think I have stopped wearing jeans like a year ago, I have problems with my hip (as it is considerably big for woman), not only it's hard to find jeans for hips like mine, most of the time when I wear it I look more like a spoon, instead of girl flaunting her curve -_- maybe if i get into better shape I'll finally wear one.

so despite the reasons, you're not alone :)

MisschqaMustafa said...

agree diana! sometimes wrong jeans can make me look fat and wide... i hate that!

aul nih! said...

Totally agree with you!
I think i was the only girl on earth facing this. ^^p
But anyway, im falling in love with your blue-edition Levi's jeans. Ahh.. cute! and really fit you! ^_^

aul nih! said...

Totally agree with you!
I think i was the only girl on earth facing this. ^^p
But anyway, im falling in love with your blue-edition Levi's jeans. Ahh.. cute! and really fit you! ^_^

litle step for a giant leap said...

well diana, i guess finding the right jeans are all women problem. i think it is because each woman body is unique.
i see u can find some great pair of jeans, well that means you're so lucky. praise to the lord for it :)

ps : i put your link at my blog, is it ok ?
if you have any spare time, do visit my blog at, see u there

Joanna Ladrido said...

i too just recently rediscovered my love for jeans! haha


Diana Rikasari said...

oh glad to have read your comments...turns out i AM not alone...


KeroRo~ said...

Finding the best jeans is quite a challenge.
I do have passion in jeans and I have found my soulmate..Nudie is D BEST!!!
the cutting,color and fabric..
you should tried..Cheap Monday are also quite gud...
but if you are looking to more feminine jeans I should suggest you Bettina Liano, they have the best fittings..
Also for your tips wen u go for jeans should go one size smaller as they will stretch.

Rachel Lily said...

Oh my, I very very rarely wear jeans because they're never made to fit my hips - in fact, wearing jeans yesterday, my best friend commented that she'd never seen me in them before.
I think the fact that I'm curvy puts me off the androgynous look, as I know it's almost entirely infeasible for my figure. It's interesting that someone as slender as yourself has similar diffiiculties, thanks for posting :-)

Stefani Angela said...

me either. i find myself taking like ages to find jeans that really suit me. hehe. end up with only couples of jeans that i have,

clarice said...

OMG! it's impossible for me to find jeans! Just today I tried on at least 10 pairs and none of them suited me :( it's really sad right?!?

but when you do find that perfect pair, it's heaven and you want to wear alllll the time :)

you are not alone!


Joshua said...

The solution is: ALTERATION! :)

Pay $10 or something and get it nipped/tucked. :)

The most important is fit around the waist and hips.

The length can always be shortened and the width can be taken in. I find that I wear my altered jeans more than my unaltered jeans, so now I do it to all my pants that are ill-fitting.

Hope this helps!

SCHABB said...

OMG SAME HERE! Mine even worse, i don't have ANY jeans because i hate to look myself with it.

Love this post ;) xx

jacobian said...

I don't wear jeans also,it's because I've grown too fat to wear it.haha....

Diana Rikasari said...

ahhh yes...ALTERATION is the key...:)

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