Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finally, Not Finale.

Sunday....finally. And finally I can wake up late after long hours of sleep. Life's been soooooooo busy on my side. Bestfriend's wedding, boyfriend's in town, scanned kost and apartments in Jakarta, got a new place for boyfriend to stay at, bought new home goods, still in search for a nice sofa, spotted a gorgeous LCD TV we're planning to buy, business trip to Malang, another business trip to Bandung...all in 1 week! Haha! All that with me still having flu...sigh.

Nevertheless, I'm content. Happy Sunday, everyone!



secret lover said...

is it a wedding coming soon? :D

zaky's room said...

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hanny arianty gultom said...

Die mau nikah yah? :)

Anonymous said...

samen leven?

jacobian said...

flu can be caused if you're not covering your head while it rains or can happened if you're not eating right.either way you need to do something to lessen the flu.

*just a suggestion

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