Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sailor Boy Loves Flowers

I loooove my new floral fedora hat, a gift from my dearest friend, Widya...yay!! Kazillion thanks, girl! :)

Pull & Bear t-shirt, Kate Moss for Topshop floral dress, Kulkith shoes


TARA said...

wahhhhh Mba Widya baik sekaliiiii he..he..
floral fedora hat-nya bagus, itu produk dr Bloop Endorse atau darimana diana?

hanifa qurratuaini said...

really love your hat kak, and the shirt too :)

oxox, djhanq
tattoo freak

z a t i said...

t-shirtnya lucu banget ;DDDDDD
love ur blog (;

Ksatrio Wojo Ireng said...

Another way of dressing up sophisticatedly.. :D

Guess all your fashion related postings had been the reference by most.. cheers! and keep it up.

carolyn said...

adorable hat!!! fedoras are sweet, and floral fedoras are even better. Love your blog- your posts always cheer me up :) hope the interview went well!

Daisy said...

Lovely hat !

mercedes lovers said...

ka-D! f.y.i : today i was browsing for some heels and i found a clogs. i found it at taman anggrek, call it "episodes"
it cost IDR 600, cream. hope it'll help :)

Amanda Corrine said...

Diana, I LIVE for your posts you have such amazing style :)

Anonymous said...


gricia said...


Linda R said...

Lovely hat :)

Mia Hyoosuke said... luv flowers! I adore your flower hat :)
Can't wait for TransTV's new program that you've told about before. Is it about fashion?


Erna said...

i loooove ur shoe!
where can i get one?

Dheyzhere said...

great combination..lower prints and stripes..I don't have any guts to do them both..but you always pull it off in a cool way..


Diana Rikasari said...

thank you so much, guys! :)

Tara: iyaa...dia baik sekaliii beliin oleh2 hihih...itu dari UK, merek Primark :)

Ksatrio Wojo Ireng : oh wow...thank you so much :)

mercedes lovers: MAU. BANGET. gonna check it out...thanks, dear! :)

Mia Hyoosuke : it's! hihihi ;p

mercedes lovers said...

yeah!you gotta be hurry.there's only one left :)

jacobian said...

well it's a nice hat.every hat can depicts one's own personality though.that's why I always like people who wore a hat on their head. :-)

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