Thursday, June 3, 2010

Resolve Dissolve

Before I start...

Dear Singapore Tourism Board & GSS Shopping Race 2010 committee,

Just to clarify, I am NOT trying to open fire here. I just see all this as an interesting issue that has remained unresolved, therefore simply nice to see other people's view on this...and while it remains unresolved, wouldn't it be nice to actually resolve this fair & square before you send out our prizes? I swear I'm NOT for the money, but for integrity and fairness. I promise you that if I even eventually win this case and get the $10,000, I will donate it all.

Following my blog post earlier, here is Hanzky's view regarding the race.

And oh, the Malaysian team has the same view with us too! Thank you so much, Nasa & Cynthia...:)


hanny arianty gultom said...

yaiy! Go Diana Go Diana Go... ^0^

diana sidek said...

i just read what happened on the race. yup, u're doing the right thing diana. fight for it!

yulianne said...

wow, this has got into a big issue here and there, isnt it?
anyways,... go for it, Di. The truth has to be revealed.

Irsa said...

I've just read the story and yeah that su*ks..anyway, since you are sure that u are on the right side, go for it..fight till everything get clear and resolved..and for the UK team, let em' enjoy the prize with (perhaps) guilty feeling..hehe.

Nur Syazana Ramli said...

hi..i have been following ur blog since last from syazana from malaysia..since our rep supported u much, so i guess things must be corrected somewhere rite? i hope everythng goes well for u!!

Nadya said...

Mengutip ini dr FD,by Tony
"I’m a Singaporean and was the Chaperone on last year’s event. I will have to admit the competition system is not perfect and I’m sad that if the story holds to be true, some individuals may have took great advantage of it. As a Chaperone, our job is to assist the shoppers and ensure that all rules are followed. Like myself, most of us are young college students and we were given $60 by STB to assist the shoppers all day. I assume all Chaperones are honest but as in any case we know money talks. Now I’m not implying anything but I’m just saying."

pokoknya i m so proud that u fight for it!

AFR said...

yes diana...
you deserve the right to get the resolution out of this case..
lets get as many people as possible to retweet this or publish in their facebook page as a prove to Andrew Phua that your blog and Hanzky's blog does matter and could bring a big deal to him..

kristiyana shinta said...

you must revenge on the next game,,, you have to be the winner kak!

ciaaaiiyyoooo :)

jacobian said... still can't get over it don't you?it's look like integrity or trustness is something that you perceived as a high value.

to tell you the truth diana, life is not what you're suppose it to be nor what you expect it to happened.what you need to do is to adapt.if something or someone cheated you then the only way is to cheat them can't just tell everyone here how you feel annoyed by the tragedy over and over need to get it over it and move on.and well use this unfortunate event as wake up call for you so that you'll be prepared when facing the same situation like this in the future.


GRICIA said...

Diteror yha Di??diam untuk menang aja kalau emang terlalu diribetin..

dela said...

well, it's life and sometimes life is unfair. so, I see it become a big issue in fashionesedaily. Most of them are pro, but some are contras. I really appreciate our struggle, and hopefully for the contras, don't ever think about accusation. we never accuse, we only need explanation. and transparency. I am pretty sure Singapore Tourism Board and the committee should consider relationship between both country. It isn't a big deal, but you have no idea about the power of personal media, right? So, let's get solution for all of this.

Diana Rikasari said...

Thank you so so much, all! Highly appreciate the support :')

Nadya: exactly :)

Jacobian: quoting ur sentence: "it's look like integrity or trustness is something that you perceived as a high value", yes, I really appreciate integrity and put high importance on it. Cheating them back is never an option for me, sorry to say. I understand that life moves on, it's not like I'm crying over it hehe. If u want to make a change, u have to be persistent in fighting for it and not just forgive n forget. What happened was during an international event, not a kelurahan-level contest. So yes, this issue should be resolved properly. But I appreciate ur view..thank u so much! :)

Karin Zhou said...

I completely agree and support u diana! Its not about the money! Its about proving whose right and whose wrong. and every problems should be solve!

ranindra said...

all i can say was GR8,diana! sometimes it's hard to be persistent, but keep walking til u find what ur looking for.

bubbles said...

Hi Diana,

I've been your longtime fan and silent lurker of your weblog. I love your style and quirk, and now I have one more thing to add to my list of "Why Diana Rikasari is So Awesome" : your gracefulness. You are handling a complicated and enraging manner in such grace and elegance, and I am very proud of you and your partner Hanzky for fighting for your principles and ultimately, fairness.

You are the winner, ladies, and that remains true for those of us who believe in a world where justice should always be prevailed. (oh no, now I sound like some narration on a superhero movie trailer, haha).

Love you, Diana! Keep on rocking them outfits.


Anonymous said...

I have just read Hanzky's writes on the matter (and by the way, thanks for Hanzky's blog. another fab blogger for me to follow!=D). All i can say is, Kudos with a BIG 'K' to the both of you from Indonesian team. And I'm also glad that the Malaysian team knows the rightful team to support. \(^^)/

Fret not, if they are guilty, and we can do nothing bout it, let's just have fate to decide and punish. So far, i think the Singapore Travel Board are already in hot soup. As I stated in Hanzky's,
What a way of promoting Singapore shopping by the way, by labelling their shop keeper as not trustworthy, a.k.a CHEATERS.

Stella Pacis said...

Quoting what Jacobian said:
"life is not what you're suppose it to be nor what you expect it to happened.what you need to do is to adapt"

Well, it's true that life is not what we expect to be happened. Yes we have to adapt... But we also have to STAND up to what we believe that is right. We have to fight for it.
I believe that by writing about it over and over again, that's Diana's way to fight. She's blogger afterall, and what's the best weapon for a blogger? her writing.
to spread her thought into the world and to remind the world that there's something wrong there.
Even the problem still can't be solved, at least people out there know what happen.

And one thing... about move on. We have to know when we have to move on and when we have to fight. Or otherwise, there will be no meaning in everything.
Reflecting to our country and our government that move on easily whenever we face some problem, and left the problem forgotten and unresolved behind.
Yes we have to let go, but at one point, we have to keep fighting.

Go Diana! :)

hanny arianty gultom said...

"If u want to make a change, u have to be persistent in fighting for it and not just forgive n forget."
= hear, hear, hear.. \m/

"kelurahan-level contest"..

But I appreciate ur view..thank u so much! :)
=spot! u always say thank you even your first statement is arguing your pov.. me like it.. ^^

btw Die, isn't that bubbles is Susy? if that's so, you're cooler than ever.. hehe..^^

Dhanika said...

donate all the money to me ? hehe..
die, gw tetap mendukung mu

Diana Rikasari said...

oh wow...thank you so so much for all your support and perspective...reallllly appreciate it :') let's fight for justice!! :)

nando.gino said...

Itu yang gue suka, masalah protesnya diterima atau gak itu masalah mereka sebagai penyelenggara. Tapi satu yang memang harus diperbuat adalah mencoba untuk melakukan perjuangan dan pembelaan terhadap kebenaran. Salut buat yang lu lakuin di..

Cannaria said...

That`s right mbak! Justice to be told, the truth has to be revealed. Jangan menyerah mbak!

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