Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Skin Delight

All unbranded

Zara orange t-shirt, unbranded yellow t-shirt & shoes


Grace Valentina said...

uber cool,Miss D

peiyun said...

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peiyun said...

maaf sebelumnya mbak diana, saya pernah ketemu postingan kamu tentang Ugly Duckling Closet. kebetulan i love their collections too!! hehe, jadi apabila diizinkan, i want to share a link thru their page, right after this comment.

thanks a lot ya :)

(post ini ga usa ditampilin ya sae ^^)

Lloyda said...

how adorable!!! i love your nude jumpsuit

Raji said...

Beautiful shoess!

fashionfamous said...

You are a fashion victim!
I love it!!!!!!!

♥ Raquel ♥

Eleh said...

wa.. i really like how you worked the two tshirts together :)

Princess said...

wow...it's awesome..Love it^^

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Real swell, I must say!

Karin Zhou said...

love your the color of your jumpsuit! www.karinzhou.blogspot.com

Feybien said...

pake camera apa di foto" di blog ini. jernih banget deh ;)
Thx a lot

Deisha Tamar said...

what i love about you:
the fact that u could make UNBRANDED clothes looked like it's all BRANDED from head to toe!!

excellent, di! (:

Diana Rikasari said...

thank you so much, peeps! :)

Lloyda: oh my i miss youuu!! :)

eleh: hihiih...thanks, dear :)

Deisha Tamar: waahhh...thank you!! :)

Anonymous said...

kak beli dimana jumpsuitnya? mauuuu

Linda Regina said...

Ini baru yg namanya ... SERUUU! One of my favourite looks of yours ^^b

buldani said...

waw.....gimana caranya supaya banyak yang mengunjungi blog saya, ya,,,ajari dong

milly said...

hey i just bought a black jumpsuit similar like urs n i have nooo idea how to style it, but looking at this post i can say that u pretty much give me an inspiration.. thank u so much :)

Devina said...

Kak diana beli jumpsuitnya dimanaaa? Aku lama cari jumpsuit panjang gitu ga nemu-nemu, makasih yaaa

jacobian said...

that's a big neclace that you are wearing.really wonder whether that made your neck heavier to move. :-)

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