Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blue Ray

Gifted cape, Topshop dress, Only I leggings, Nine West wedges


bestie said...

Love this! So cute and quirky. (:

selly octavia said...

Aaahh!! I love those leggings.. It's so good with the wedges.. Love love love.. :))
Di.. why don't you give some more Love Earth Bag?? me want one.. hihi... :)

Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

the cape was toooo cute kak. :DD
love your otfit as always.

xoxo, melissa

joeward said...

that cape is really amazing! love ett! :]

nab said...

awesome leggings! :)

Anonymous said...

this blazer is so cute.. i like this! ;')

Author in the making: said...

so cute, gorgeous wedges xxx

Fitri said...

i love that cape kak :)
tomorrow i'll send you a photo with love earth bag by email

Abysm said...

I always love your wedges, kak!
but when I went to ninewest, I couldn't found the exact wedges.
Is it out-of-stock?
hmm.. im curious.. hehe
nice outfit :)


chie suci utami apsari said...

hi kak
i'm wearing ur skirt for bloopendorse on my latest post
check this out


mind to follow and link me..:?:)

jacobian said...

I think the outfit is suitable when the weather gets really cold or something. :-)

Diana Rikasari said...

thank you so much, all! :)

selly octavia: ahaha...ntar yah kalo bikin lagi ;p

fitri: i'll be waiting! :)

Abysm: iya...itu belinya udah lama banget soalnya :)

Karin Zhou said...

aww.. cute leggings u have there!
visit my blog will ya?

Rebecca Clairine said...

u look like harry potter kak !
cool ! :D
haha ~


Amira Putri said...

loving aaalll your stye kak di :D

Yuwono Sulistyo said...

from all of ur fashion portopolio, i just love the background..
cool..it that in ur room?

it such an amazing room u can manage..bright and soft..

well hope to be ur friend, im trying to have much friends...kik!

Léonie Mizée said...

This is so cool Diana!! Def a favorite :)

x Leonie

Anonymous said...

awsome diana... :)

babalisme said...

The cape, seriously, where did you get it?

Gening Sekar said...

Kak Diana, aku suka banget sama wedgesnya! Di Nine West udah ga ada lagi, kalo udah ga suka jual ke aku ya kak, I'll buy it! hehe

Sassa said...

the cape. omg. where did you get it? im dying to get one of those. hihi love your style in here!

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