Saturday, June 26, 2010

Belle Of The Boulevard

Dashboard Confessional's songs are the best to sing in karaokes...:)

Proud Parents shirt, Forever 21 skirt & hairband, Padini belt, Topshop tights, Kate Spade bag, Wondershoe shoe


TARA said...

Proud Parents shirt nya keren diana, ada detail menarik di lengannya , lagu Belle of the boulevard-nya juga bagussssssssssssssssssss banget, kamu selalu pinter ya milih lagu2 yg easy listening, two thumbs up for you :)

Have a nice weekend .
Ps : hari ini gw bikin posting di blog pakai LOVE EARTH shopper bag, ntar liat ya, ntar gw mau kirim fotonya juga lewat email, mudah2an bisa diposting di blog kamu diana :)

Farinda Cesarizka said...

nice kak diana.. :)
i love your waist-to-toe legging..

Jessays said...

im a big fan of dahsboard confessional and yeah, i think belle of the boulevard is their best song :D

i love your shirt, your hairband and your shoes!! :)
4 thumbs up, five if possible <3

Rebecca Clairine said...

cute top <3


jacobian said...

you look like a rabbit with the black ribbon and all.well a pretty one I think. :-)

Anonymous said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the shirtt !

Olive said...

I love your shirt Kak!uber cute! xP

Bonnie natasha arif said...

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