Monday, May 24, 2010

Ready Set Go!

Guuuuuuuuuyys...I've been chosen to be a participant of The Great Singapore Sale Shopping Race representing Indonesia! TOTAL AWESOMENESS!! :)

The event format is similar to previous years' Singapore Shopping Challenge in an “Amazing Race” concept, whereby teams from various countries compete to chalk up the highest savings from participating malls in main shopping precincts within a stipulated time frame. I'll be paired with Hanzky of Fashionese Daily, and together we'll be hunting down items specified in the given list and get them at the cheapest price possible...ahhhh this is exciting...alhamdulillah :)

It would be soooooooo great if you guys can provide us with any inputs or tips so we can win because we MUST win and make INDONESIA proud mwahahahahah... the event will take place on this Saturday, May 28th 2010, so do send in your valuable tips as soon as possible...;p Thank you so much before! :)



sii miemi said...

aww lucky you ka..
enjoy ur trip..

darchocoffee said...

AWESOME. ayo kak! :D

Ayuni Azri said...

good luck! ;)

nitya said...

Wowww! THat is a great thing!
Congratz, Diana!

Strawberry Giggles

adiss said...

wowww, such a great opportunity! good luck! :D

edwina nuroctaviani said...

congratulations ka Di. so happy for you. hope you win the race! :)

Flickering Moonlight

Anonymous said...

Hi babe,
i read your blog everyday because i LOVE your outfit photos.
Oh, im from Sg by the way. So, here i am to give some suggestions.

Haji Lane- a lane with all the Quirky/vintage stuffs but price a lil steep.

Salvation Army(at Bukit Timah)-a charity/thrift store.Need a lot of 'digging' in search for 'treasures'. Price? I just got a military blazer for SGD3.So,yeah.

313@Somerset- a new mall.Have to check it out.

Little India- For some ethnic stuffs

Bugis Street- That place is heaven for budget shoppers.

and lastly,(because this is all i can think of for now)of course Orchard Road.

Hope it helps. Good luck ...


Lidwina Grata said...

hella fun!

she jirah said...

good luck. ;)

jacobian said...

what's with the moustache anyway? I prefer hitler moustache as it can be really funny. :-)

anyway congrats then for representing indonesia in singapore shopping challenge.will it be broadcast in tv channel or something?if so I would really like to watch it.

nando.gino said...

wow, how lucky u are. Do the best girl ^^

dyah raras said...

is it on saturday or friday kak Di? at orchard right? i'll come and give you the support you'll need :)

R@!$4 said...

hey i'll still be around here, r u arriving earlier? hahahahah boleh juga tuh ngeplan mission impossibel bareng :P

Michelle Florensia said...

Hey you there,

Go to Bugis Junction and of course Far East Plaza in Orchard. Cheap and nice ! :)

ratie a.k.a winka said...

ENVY ENVY ENVY!! hahaha... itu tips yg dari anonymous kayanya berguna banget tuh,di.. and I think maybe you should make like some kind of shopping route untuk menghemat waktu. Jadi ga bolak-balik gtu.. So,ayo pelajari peta Singapura supaya bisa menang! Dan asah keahlian menawar tentunya.. :D

kristiyana shinta said...

i wish you win :) yeeaaayyy
lirik aja pedagangnya kak,, siapa tau dikasih harga murah,, wekekek


Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

wow lucky you kak di :) congrats and have fun!

hanny arianty gultom said...

seeing yur story soon Die.. btw i heart your bando.. :D

Rebecca Clairine said...

lucky you kak !
enjoy the trip :)


ribka said...

agree with farhana, 313@somerset is a must-visit new mall, konsepnya anak muda bgt... ada esprit zara cotton on mango fossil dll dll yang pasti ada at least 4-storey forever 21

sedangkan yang di sebelahnya 313 itu orchard central lebih ke kelas menengah atas isinya butik2 mahal, yang mepet anak muda paling desigual. giant desigual shop to be exact

trus kalo barang artsy, i believe u already know, ya di esplanade

so gudluck di! :D

Stephanie said...

Hi! welcome to Singapore! I hope you'll enjoy your time here! :)

Amira Putri said...

WOW that's cool! Good luck for you kak :)

baju wanita said...

hay friends..

Eleh said...

you mentioned there's participating malls. i'm not sure if this is one of it but Far East Plaza over at Orchard Road sells some pretty neat stuffs.

Then there's ION Orchard (also at Orchard Road) which has everything under one roof.

And of course, Bugis Village (or Bugis Street) is the place to go for $10 goodness.

and oh, im not sure how you're getting around but train is the safest bet. its packed but its the fastest (considering how there's traffic jam everytime).

all the best sweets :)

Shanen Arantza Kurniawan said...

I hope I could bump into you on that date, cause fortunately it's school holiday =]

any hints of where will it be held? As in, which area? Orchard? Bugis? =]

I have some good spots to recommend to you, especially if you're gonna look for vintage or unique stuff ; bugis street second floor, far east plaza (orchard)-they have alot of vintage bags, shoes, clothes, accessories,as well as Mod Parade @ haji lane (around arab street) or The Heeren.

see you in Singapore then kak D ! have a safe trip =] and most of all, HAVE FUN!

mutianugrabita said...

how lucky you are..uhukss

ria said...

hello Diana!

I live in Singapore now so I kinda know where to shop!

313 @ Somerset: 3 levels of F21, Zara (I prefer Zara at Takashimaya anyway), Mango, Uniqlo, Cotton On

Vivo City, the biggest shopping mall here!!!

Far East Plaza, basically you can find anything here!! The clothes arent too expensive. This has to be one of my favourite place to shop!! They have lots of different kinds of stores which sell different things!

Bugis Street, not really my favourite but well, the clothes are all very cheap! My suggestion: do not shop on the 1st level, go to the 2nd level because they sell better clothes!! You might want to visit a store called 'Tangerine Tofu' on the 2nd floor, its one of my favourite shop :)

And yup, Orchard Road is full of shopping malls! Good luck D!!! :D

Karin Zhou said...

Hey,woww~ I really wish I could be chosen to.. :(
btw, far east plaza has a lot of cheap things, and of course you can bargain! btw will the event be broadcast? I would really wanna watch it!:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations di :)

Fashion Savvy said...

Congratulations Di :)

Olive said...

Congrats!I hope u'll win :)

Turquoise and Lily said...

good luck !

Vennica Patricia said...

wow!! guudd luckkk!! go indonesiaa !! :DD

i know tat bugis sells variety of cheapp things with good quality n stuff :)
hope this helps.

secret of life

Anonymous said...

spend on something really expensive so you have enough time to spend all of your money :)
anyway, congrats :)

Aisa Putri Sekartaji said...

Good luck! Make Indonesia proud hihi

LIZ said...

great one !
my tips will be...
learn about how to bargain with singlish :P
googling it :)

would you love to visit liz. secret rendevous & follow if you like

thankies sweetie

Pinta Lizti Irene

Kelly said...

This is awesome! Good luck!!! :DD

Melza Sastradiredja said...


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