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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Being different is simply being true to yourself. That is because each and every human being is unique."

- Diana Rikasari -


jacobian said...

nice quote.but being different can also means being able to stand up against others opinion and willing to fight for it. :-)

extraordi_na_ry said...

yess....super true!
setiap orang istimewa dengan caranya masing2.
just like u,
u always find your own way in mixin' outfit.

luph ur blog,
luph ur style,
so much:)

Hartinah said...

sometimes it caused we dont know who we really are.... :)

Anonymous said...


hanny arianty gultom said...

like.. :p

alavya-shofa said...

hai, DR..
salam kenal..
love your quote..hehe

alavya-shofa said...

love your quote, DR..
salam kenal

alavya-shofa said...

hai, DR..
salam kenal..
i love your quote..heu

Yoveni Dian Pratiwi said...

hmmm setuju, karna itukah aku selalu melihatmu bersinar kak diana.
nice blog :)
very like your style

Unknown said...

couldn't agree more!! :)

aura pelupa said...

Jadilah diri sendiri!

Ghizadhia Amira said...

hi kak Diana, check out this, hope you like it :)

Rebecca Clairine said...

awesome quote !
that's true !


melur said...

Like this quote. so. much!

Unknown said...

i'M DiFFeReNT aND i'M UNiQUe..
aLSO u DiaNA..
'COz oF U, adAAA..

ninit said...

Wow! I love this quote so much!

Strawberry Giggles

ninit said...

Wow! I love this quote so much!

Strawberry Giggles

Anonymous said...

best quote ever!

Vivi Pfah said...

yeah ! like this quote so much !
by the way, check and follow my blog ya :D

Diana Rikasari said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!! :)

hartinah: valid isn't easy to fully know who we are..but the time comes, really...:)

Raj said...

This is so true
People forget that being different is just being yourself, its impossible for everybody to be the same, so why try?

Damayanti Elisabeth said...


katmut yang menguatkan.

Anonymous said...

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