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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Air. But Fresh Air

Just reached home from work and am totally exhausted. Not to mention the heavy traffic jam..:(

Anyway, was just thinking. We sometimes complain about how work life can feel sooooooooo crazy and hate the fact that we're pushing ourselves so hard, but don't you think we actually unconsciously enjoy the thrill of it because working just lets us show off what we've got? And we eventually enjoy the acknowledgment or achievement we get anyway? Tricky.

Regardless the answer, working should never, ever take over our lives. Working is just another element that contributes just as equal as having fun and taking a rest.

So if you think you've been working so hard, take a break! Take a breath of fresh air, really. Have a nice sleep, everyone! :)

PS: I took the "take a breath of fresh air" phrase from here. Try out the "FRESH AIR" tab...cute! ;p


Adissa Mahani said...

are you always posting on midnight?
i often see ur post with no comment (yet), and it's a bit weird..haha
because there's always lot and lot people who leave comment on ur blog..

syarasyalma said...

so true!...
"enjoying" every suffering moment of work life.

Unknown said...

salam kenal dari

kalau ada waktu mampir ya?? :)

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

AGREE. I need FRESH AIR now actually.
Happy enjoying the thrill of your life!
you're always be my inspiration :)

Earlene said...

i thought before i read this post you will talk about jordin sparks feat chris brown song - no air . hahaha . but i got a wrong .
keep fighting di :D

JESSICA said...

youre way so right about this :)


Ayuni Azri said...

aww, i need fresh air too! :)

Anonymous said...

my job life has taking away my life...hiks....

superumi said...

i know what your mean. i think i'll be one of those who will forever be studying and gathering knowledge :)

kristiyana shinta said...

really need it for sure :)
hve a nice day


kristiyana shinta said...

ka, you have to check this,,

i just love how she write about you :)


ninit said...

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Pink Pecan said...

it's been a long time for me to say hi for you, Diana.

I agree with your opinion. Lately, I was soooo I can't get update with my blog also wandering around here.

I think I need fresh air here and you've reminded me.
Thanks for that:)

Fia said...

Hi there,
Hahaha, know exactly what you feel..sometimes we feel so suffocated with work we think to run away, but then I always come back with thinking that if I don't meet that annoying boss(es), or aggravating co-workers, or so-boring laptop on my desk, I'm gonna miss out A LOT of my life, because that (annoying) boss has shaped me into a this organized thinker, those (aggravating) co-workers has given me this much-thicker skin, and that (boring) laptop on my desk has given me window to see that we can do so much to the world with just a few clicks of my fingertips!

Belly Surya Candra Orsa said...

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