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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Conversation.

Dear God,

Today is Tuesday, and it's not just another day. Today is a day where I woke up slightly earlier, wore my favorite high-waist pants, and had bread for breakfast. My boyfriend texted me a sweet message in the morning, and my mom took me to office today. Before we left, dad waved from the garage, and he gave me this cheery smile. My boss has a presentation to make in front of the board, and he looks pretty prepared. My friends are all out of office, gone for a 1-week training. I had chicken for lunch, and I had it with my best friends.

Dear God,

Why is it, that I usually don't appreciate days like this? More often I see it as a regular day, a day I feel like passing by so quick so I can just wake up to the next morning. A day I feel so tiring, that I just want to rush home so I can drown myself in the bed. But if I come to think about it, my days are rich. And I should be grateful.

Dear God,

My best friends and I talked about the end of the world over lunch. Is it true that we all will die in 2012? Some even say we all will, in 2010. Can You please help us? Us humans may have treated this world badly, but I promise You that my generation will make it up to You. I can't imagine if we all die, and so will our dreams, our passion, our masterpieces in progress, our minds. There's still much work us humans must do, must contribute. Please don't let us all die.

Dear God,

Thank you for creating such a magical piece known as a "smile". It's indescribable, the feeling when someone smiles at you sincerely, and their eyes sparkle as they do so. No matter how close, no matter how much a stranger, a sincere smile just melts the heart.

Dear God,

Thank you for creating such another magical piece known as a "cry". The feeling of seeing someone cry warms my heart, because it makes me feel normal and indifferent with any other human being. And the feeling when I myself cry, brings relief and appreciation to life.

Dear God,

I enjoy talking to You.

Thank You.



M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

aww sweet conversation kak di :) we can tell stories and grievances to the gods..
and i like the 2012 parts, it's representative of our fears and anxieties, and i agree with the promises :)

and thank you for the beautiful pray /conversatin with god:)

may god always blessing you..

Aisya B said...

i ♥ this. very motivating indeed! :)

Dasha_lyd said...

hmm..i sometimes can't thank HIM for the ordinary (which is not ordinary) day i've got..thanks udah ngingetin..hwhwhhw

Laura said...

Thank you for these words!!
You made my day!!!
I always think I don't like routine, but I know it's hard to have always "fantastic" days...just remember to put a smile on my face every morning, because that's the most important thing!
Have a nice day!!

Anonymous said...

that is so sweet..
i wish i had only one third of ur possitivy.
i wish i could just cry with u.
i wish u had written this last week and i could had read it by then so that i could appreciate what i had last week with the love of my life.
i blew it. big time.
i wish my life was as beautiful and blessed as urs.
sometimes i feel that we both have something in common, a bond that whenever i feel sad, u write the most beautiful thing which let me to tears.

i wish i had a normal life like everybody else

ayunimadarina said...


Summer Heartbeat said...

I wrote a Dear God diary in mine this morning. it was kinda a relief to do so. :)

nona bangsa said...

thank you , kak Di .
you'r always inspiring me . .

cups *)

ayu said...

what a super sweet words i may touches my heart so much..

may God bless us all!


Laras Putri said...

So sweet Kak ☺ This is such gimme some brand new smile.

Riumni Ulya said...

i always feel afraid when I know that our earth is going older n older...and it means that our earth will end fastly... so i always pray to God...i still young and i don't want we'll die...
hope God always bless us...
i think you wrote this conversation/pray you did, i did it too...
sorry for the long comment... if you don't mind, do you want to link me back and visit my blog? :)


diana sidek said...

what a beautiful conversation diana.thanky you for sharing this.

Riumni Ulya said...

you always motivate me... both fashion or wisdom! :)


Riumni Ulya said...

can you design a dress and sketching? i hope you want help me... i want flowery dresses and really confuse which the nice motive is... i hope you want to help me... :)


Anonymous said...

hi kak di,
u made me realize, how lucky am i to undergo every seconds that God gave me ;)

regarding to 2012,
i heard it got something related with illuminati society,

yea, i think they purposely made up the 2012 film, to provoke us all to be scared of 2012.

no one knows when the judgment day goin to be ;)

-your fan XOXO-

Jessyca Octavia said...

Sweet conversation :)
It's so beautiful and motivating,
Thanks for sharing,
God bless you +

ocka_purplish said... stays (how to say membekas in english?hehe..) in my mind and my heart..u describe that clearly and deeply

maybe u hear this a lot,but u are true inspiring.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

It's really inspiring me, Kak Di. Thankyou so much (:

Atikah Amalia said...

God always gives us the best things. e
ven for the things that you haven't wish yet sist :)


Unknown said...

that is so sweet kak. sometimes i wonder what if the world really comes to an end, and i even reach my dreams :( it wud be so sad. so i think WE really shud treat the world very well if we still want to live in this world.
keep rocking kak Diana ! :D

Ayuni Azri said...

awww. lovely!

Bukan Primadona said...

dear diana,

i always love to read your thoughts. u never selfish. u're my inspiration to become a better person each day. may god bless us all. :)

p/s-i love your sense of fashion too!

doublysweet said...

one of my favorite posts yet :)

Putri Erdisa Januarti said...

you should write a book ka Di! this makes me trembling. :)

Gricia (Cia) said...

i'm crying after read front of my office computer =')

Diana Rikasari said...

hi everyone! thank you for all the comments...sorry if i made some of you teary...i guess we all feel closer that way, don't you think? ;p love you all lots!! :)

Dovy Lace said...

hey..tanx 4 the words..
it really cheer up my day..
gosh..i feel the same thing about 2012..
i don't want it happens 2 soon..
btw..may god bless all of us...^^

deshi said...

I always amazed how your posting could somehow bring magic words and inspiring your readers. Reading your blog is my favourite to-do-list.

and I love this posting so much!! :)

Nitya said...

I Love this article, it really motivates me.. to be closer to God more than before..

Thanks Diana for writing this wonderful post


Dhea Qiasita said...

it's funny! i enjoy talking to HIM too :) isn't HE wonderfully awesome?

yet, when it gets the time when i'm sick i always think like " God, thank you. if you dont give me this pain i would never be grateful to be normal" but when i'm actually in normal condition it feels like that sick times just never happened.

now i've found a way to remember thanks, kak di! (you probably have no idea how your conversation with HIM means to me. so i'll tell you : lots!)


Tebonin said...

Very sweet article. Love your blogs' words and fashion.

wanysahifulb said...


Fenny Wong said...

i love this so much. i love you, di. you are very sweet.

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