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Saturday, February 27, 2010

From the Epiglottis

Another Indian movie highly recommended: My Name is Khan. Watched it today and liked it a lot! Still prefer 3 Idiots though, but this one's a must too :)

Bloop lace cropped top, DR for Bloop Endorse leopard-print skirt, D-I-Y fringe shawl, Uniqlo tights, Mooks bag, various brooches, Enzo Angliolini shoes


nit said...

yes! My name is khan is a great movie,, 3 idiots also..


like your skirt Di

C said...

love your skirt :D aww you're chubby ;PP

lelaki aneh said...

3 idots dah baca reviewnya kudu nonton! Tapi dimana????

My name is khan?
Belom denger malah

Hunting ahhhhhhh.....

darling, tasnya kuerennnn!

Riumni Ulya said...

Wow,i love your shoes.You always fashionable and make me can't stop to adore you. :)

Bookworm Bitch said...

sounds cool, love your bag btw xxxx
plz comment on my blog

Riani said...

Tasnya lucuuuuu banget.... love it

Febi Purnamasari said...

I love your tights. they look yummy :9

Pemuda Internet said...

enak nih makan makan..hehehe

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

as usual love the outfits, and the bag it's soo cute :)

lady ghi said...

ka diana...ur style's so rock!!
loving it ^^ eumm...u dont look like 25,i guess u are about 17-19 years old or max 20 years old, so baby face!!

jesse said...

aaaa~ your bag is totally cute!! can you give me the link? thanks :)

theHusna said...

hai..kamu sangat stylish..cantik!!

Siwi said...

cute outfit Di....

nonayck said...

a very unique bag!!

Shanen A. Kurniawan said...

cool outfit :D:D:D

yes agree! 3 idiots is nice.!

Anonymous said...

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bibi said...

i like your shoes=D

Kalam said...

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LAST said...

UNIQUE BAG..very cute....i like it...nice bag girl!

Diana Rikasari said...

thank you, all! :)

lelaki aneh: ayo nonton dua2nya...bagus2 bangeeeet :)

lady ghi: LOL..i get that a lot ;p

jesse: the brand is MOOKS...available at Pondok Indah Mall :)

Giovanni Gestanio said...

i know where it is !
it's in wisma atria spore rite ???

Anonymous said...

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