Monday, December 21, 2009

Updates Downdates

1. Diana Rikasari for Bloop Endorse got reviewed on Fashionese Daily and Tongue in Chic...super yayness!! :)

2. Bena did a hilarious fashion post...LOL.

3. I'll be 25 in another 2 days and it's freaking me's not about getting older and growing up, it's about looking back to the years I have lived and thinking whether I have done enough for the people around me. It puts me to shame looking at people who have done just so much for the society, and I wonder if I have done the same to any extent. The least I can do is to bring smiles on faces I see, and I hope I can do more in my years ahead.

4. And yes, it'll be 2010 soon, so it's that time again when I'll be reading my 2009 resolution list and pointing out what I've accomplished so far and what not. It's been a GREAT year, remembering that I : got my very first nephew, experienced working in 4 great companies, made great friends with my (former) bosses and colleagues, got featured in a well-known newspaper, various magazines & websites, became a fashion stylist for a magazine, movie & TV show, became a speaker for a seminar, participated in an international art exhibition, got invited to fashion events, opened The Shop though not functioning properly, did an unexpected collaboration with Wondershoe & Bloop Endorse, became a "model" for the first time ever hahah, won 3 Blog Awards and am on the Top 3 Indonesian Blogs list, all that with breakdowns and tears, tensions and stress, but I survived...:)

5. Having gone through all that, my most sincere gratitude goes to my parents, brother and sister in law, and best friends - old and new. You all have always been there for me and I could never ask for more. Last but not least, Mr. S. Yes, you. The one far away making me go through this long-distance relationship but surprisingly never made feel not loved. I love you, and you keep me looking forward to tomorrow because I want to spend all my tomorrows with you.

And there goes my speech before I turn a quarter of a century...

Thank you, readers...I wish you all the best in life in return...:)



Benazio R.P said...

huah great!

wah yang nomer 2 siapa tuh keren banget dianaa gileee orangnya pasti kul abis dehhhh :P

makan2nya ntar sushi ada yang bayarin dong? hihi

AR-Life said...

kak blog kakak keren bgt!! aku akhirnya selesai baca semua postnya hehee. wish you all the best for next year :D

i-business said...

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Eloise said...

I love your blog, keep up the good work!

GRICIA said...


Talita said...

your life is great kak. I wish you have more great experiences in 2010 :DD

stephworld said...

wah, 4 great companiesnya apa aja tuh? curious :p

Earlene said...

Senang nya liat keberhasilan kakak di tahun ini. Iri tapi inspiratif banget . :D
good luck for the next year yah ;))

hanny arianty gultom said...

i love you die.. ^0^

Jennifer Anandary said...

ngakak! Keren benjet postnyaaaa xD You might be my new fashion hero.

Jennifer Anandary said...

I can't stop laughing while reading Benazio's blog. Thanks for the info, Di :)

Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto Hardikusumo said...


if u dnt mind take a look to my new post @ =)

mia chan said...

Congrats for you being 25 as soon, Diana. I think you did a verrrry good works since you're still young and full of creativity.

Sabila Anata said...

you deserve all of those ka :)
btw, i've got you an award :))
happy holidays !

biscuit said...

i hope you have a wonderful birthday. i have never commented, but i have been reading your blog for about 6 months, and i love it. you are a great inspiration to me over here in the states! :]

tealovecoffee said...

So wise :)

Benazio R.P said...

aku fens berat nih kak! bahaha

F i K a said...

woow..congratulations for all the achievement that you got on this year!! you do really deserved it :)

I can say that not many bloggers in Indonesia keep update their blog, esp when they already become famous&got many followers..but I give my 4 thumbs because you keep update this blog in routine although I'm sure that you had a busy life :)..

keep posting on your blog Di..hope the 2010 will be a better year for you and all of us !!

JR said...

hi my friends, is my first time to visiting ur blog, wow ur blog so nice and good, im glad in here, maybe someday i'll found something in this site. thanks

titaz said...

hai Diana :)
salam kenal..
i like ur design for bloopendorse.
and u have a great style.
like to see ur blog since a long time :)
well, i made a post about ur design. hope u can read it :)

tetap semangat berkarya yaaa :)

rumii said...

hei agak penasaran sebenernya.
aku udah ngikutin blog diana dari lama.
diana brapa bersaudara sih sebenernya? you said that you have a brother, trus di beberapa postingan banyak menyebutkan about your 'lil sist intan, tapi di postingan itu juga ada yang menyatakan bahwa kalian memiliki ortu berbeda.
hahaa ga penting ya pertanyaanku? penasaran aja siih hee.
have a nice end-year diana! :)

nyun.yuni said...

Happy Birthday Die..

don't get too hard on yourself, you've been doing great so far :)
for someone so fun and cheerful looking, you actually take yourself pretty seriously, don't you? *CMIIW :)*
but I always love when you do some 'serious writing'..hihi.
wish you all the best. best of luck, success and happiness years ahead. :)

Diana Rikasari said...

Thank you thank you thank you, all! May we all be worthy people in this world :)

Benazio: tau dehhhh yang keren dan kulheheh...nyook kita nyushi yaaa kapan2 :)

AR-Life: really? baca SEMUA post? hehhe...makasi yaaaa :)

stephworld: waaahh jgn disebut disini lah yaa heheheh ;p

biscuit: thank u so much! It's so great to have a reader all the way from the states :)

f i K a: awww thanks a lot dear...this blog is my diary so i have no desire to abandon it hehe...and i love having new friends like you! thank you!! :)

rumii: halooo...aku cuma punya 1 saudara, yaitu kakak cowok. Intan is my bestfriend yang udah aku anggep adikku sendiri, so I like calling (and considering) her as my own lil' sis...hope this clarifies :)

nyun.yuni: hehehe..i'm pretty serious when it comes to these things heheh...thanks dear! XOXO

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