Saturday, October 3, 2009

Let It Rain Bows

Necklaces from Creashion...thanks, girls! :)

The bow necklace is interesting as you can wear it multiple ways; both bows at the same time or each on their own, even as brooches cuz they have attaching pins on the back...sweet! :)

Visit Creashion here:


Nadya Tamara Yasmeen said...

ahh kalungnya lucu2 bgt >.<

CreaShion said...

thanks for the review, Dee!!! :)

you're very much welcome as all of us are your fans... :)

CeLLaa said...

waaah ka diana sering dapat hadiah yah hehe...aku lagi nyari ne, mo diy sendiri beli mote2nya dimana yah??? ada ide??? yg murah mo keliling pasar baru males sih hehe jauh...

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