Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunny or Rainy, You Decide.

Just woke up after a loooooooong wearing Saturday: garage sale during the day, then dinner with my favorite girlfriends…I sold 9 pairs of my Converse shoes yesterday! Felt like giving away my own babies at a super cheap price…but talk about detoxification, I feel “healthier” somehow…

I really miss my boyfriend to a level I myself can’t explained…being in a long-distance relationship for 2 years has certainly taught us the meaning of true love…sounds cheesy I know, but true indeed…it sometimes can be so tiring to accept the fact that you have a boyfriend but you don’t have him around physically, but knowing that having him around physically gives you the greatest feeling in the world is just so worth the wait. Like buying from eBay, I am willing to wait weeks for the shoes I have bought to arrive, as long as I know those shoes will eventually be mine.

Aaaaand, it’s Sunday, I’m all yellow mellow…do you know that I really like to record videos of my family and friends? And that I always watch them before I sleep? That’s how much I love them all :)

This is so random…lol. I miss my boyfriend…period.


yellow.jellow said...

yup, so true. i am in a long distance relationship as well, and waiting is so worth while =)

Anonymous said...

i think u have to check it..

and u'll be surprising..

keep on work Diana :)

copyproof said...

me too.. i'm in a long distance too.. :)
and we're going to celebrate our 2nd anniversary @ 20th september :)
miss my BF..:'(
sometimes, it makes us feel lonly,right?

darchocoffee said...

sabar yaa dan semangat! :D

Devi Yolanda said...

i know how you feels, and i hope you not give up =)
be happy dee!! love ya :)

Author in the making said...

Well, i hope you see him soon, its sounds like you had a geat day though, LOVE UR BLOG!!! plz check out mine!!!

Anonymous said...

actually, I love your fashion blog. that's inspiring me in fashion..

can you help me to give some tips to be a blogger like you?
I just start blogging, but I don't know what I have to do..
thank you

En. amirul said...

i cant handle long stressful and worst,trust is all you have..:/

@Erlinda Mikal@ said...

... and you compare your boyfriend to buying shoes in e-bay? hahahaha!! :P

Anonymous said...

i'm in an LD too.. can i copy ur words, and post it as my status on fb?

"it sometimes can be so tiring to accept the fact that you have a boyfriend but you don’t have him around physically, but knowing that having him around physically gives you the greatest feeling in the world is just so worth the wait."

it just exactly the way i feel, but i dont have the ability to express it in sentences (like u) =)

Love ur blog anyway, i check it everyday....

edhika said...

yeaahhh..i know that feeling too..
i'm doing LDR too now..
but..since now i'm on holiday, so i could be here in indonesia n meet my boyfriend.. :)

Wina said...

I love the way u express urself di : )

Eunice said...

Yeah..I have the same feeling as you... I have been in a semi long distance relationship since the beginning of the relationship itself... so I totally, totally got you! =D

chipsmore said...

where is ur bf now?? hee..

btw, i link u k .
nice blog ;)

presyprezl said...

2 tahun LDR ?? langsung keinget jengayata.. hehehe..
terkadang LDR itu lebih seru dari pacaran yang selalu ketemu pacarnya tiap hari atau tiap minggu..

Oliphe Butarbutar said...

Chayoo K'Dy. Mendingan relationship nya dikukuhkan aja,hehehe

Diana Rikasari said...

awww...thanks, guys...feels nice to know that others understand how we feel :)

anonymous 1: hehehe...surprised but just okay...everyone has their own thoughts and opinion...thanks for letting me know! :)

anonymous 2: hhmmm...just keep on posting on a regular basis..and blog about what you love! :)

anonymous 3: sure! my pleasure! thanks, dear :)

wina: really? and why is that? heheh...thanks! :)

Oliphe Butarbutar: pengennyaaaaa heheh...doain yaaa :)

chipsmore: he's in malaysia :)

t a l i s h a said...

yea, we're in the same boat kak di. and i agree, it's totally worth the wait.. good luck with your relationship kak.. (:

Irviene said...

Hi Diana,
believe it or not, I'm one of your converse shoes buyer, haha, I bought the army one, chuck taylor that you've never wore (you've said that)
I don't know that it was you who sold cheap converse, but you seemed like someone that I know, that's why I kept looking at you like a child looking a popsicle he really want, haha

it's very surprising since I'm a big fan of yours (and always follow your blog) and without we both realize, we've interacted

thanks for giving me such a greatgreatgreat shoes and I hope you will join garage sale at that place again someday

p.s : i wanna say thanks too to all garage sale seller yesterday
greatgreatgreat price and amazing stuff !

(you can visit my fb online shop, too)

thankies, diana !

the_kitten said...

I KNOW what u mean. My first long-distance-relationship didnt have a future eventually, and my second now will not be as long as urs, but I know its worth the wait. and besides, even tho he isnt with me physically, he always is nonetheless. he's mine, wherever we are.

Anonymous said...

i have been in a long distance relationship too. not easy at all. i totally know what you meant by having bf yet not having him around. makes us cherish our relationship and our bfs more, aint it? :-) stay strong, Di

Diana Rikasari said...

thank you, dearies...wish you guys in an LDR too THE BEST!! :)

Irviene: oh yaaaa? that is..SUPRISING! hahaha...hope the shoes rock on you! thanks for buying! :)

Anonymous said...

a long distance relationship teaches us to be more stronger in that relationship and to appriciate it's gonna be worth it kak di :)

J.Yo said...

basically what i feel at the moment :)

cho said...

dee, i know it might be too late for me to put a comment on this post of yours, but i think you made a slight mistake...

you wrote, "...but knowing that having him around physically gives you the greatest feeling in the world is just so worth the wait." wel, pardon me if i'm wrong, but i really think that it's supposed to be "...but knowing that having him around psychologically gives you the greatest feeling in the world is just so worth the wait." isn't it?

i don't mean to criticize you, dee... honest! :) like the previous anonymous, i really heart that line and i would like to copy it on me n my bf's personal blog since we're on an LDR too... i just want to make sure whether the sentence is right or not... :D

keep on inspiring, Diana. :)

Diana Rikasari said...

cho: hi dear! thanks for your thoughts! what i meant with that line is, i don't have him around physically (right now), but if i do have him around (physically), it gives me the greatest feeling...therefore, i am willing to wait and be patient with this LDR, because eventually i know that I will have him near me (physically) and gain that great feeling :)

cho said...

ahahaaa.. okay, i get it... silly me! :D thanks for explaining, dee... i really appriciate it... oh, and good luck for your LDR! (:

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