Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lulu for Pixie Market

Lulu dressing up for Pixie Market...love her so!


shabooya said...

cant wait for "Diana Rikasari for Pixie Market" ;p

Cindy Khor said...

the model is definitely cool looking and so are her outfits too. i wonder which country is she from...

michelle_ said...

that's such a gorgoeous style.. her face is also very unique.

I can't wait for you to be apart of the pixie market too :)

mind if we exchange links ? :D

Irviene said...

Dear Di,
thanks for commenting my comment in your post about garage sale and ldr,
I feel that goosebumps, too, regularly.
Feel like given 18 years of life and still can't do something good for the surrounding.
But if i keep thinking about the past, it's a waste of time, said the wise
so, i just try to live high, live mighty, and righteously right now,
like the song of jason mraz !

speaking of which, kewl look ! Love it !
aww >.<

copyproof said...

I love Lulu! her blog is amazing!!


Author in the making said...

Wow, she has such a unique look. Love the blog, thnx fork all ur greatg comments!!

Anonymous said...

Nossa! que menininha feia :/

Amanda Rizkita said...

my god she's my most favourite blogger.

Olivia Butarbutar said...

Oh my gosh!!She's gorgeous!!

Steffi Santa said...

i like to read lulu's blog too!
i also can't wait for "Diana Rikasari for Pixie Market", just like shabooya said .

Hardini said...

love lulu too and her blog. also you ka dee, one of my inspiration :)

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