Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kiss and Tell

Pssst...I'm working on a secret project, and I'm so excited! Do wait till I share about it with you all..good night! :)



ladybug said...

waah. apaan nih? haha
jadi penasaran.

Talita said...

project apa di ?
waaah I'm sure it's a great project!

i n d e n said...

yays!! curious curious. :)


F i K a said...

what is ur secret project?
give us clue!! hehehe

goodluck then with ur project :)

jude said...

what was thattt?
penasaran :D

eLLa said...

hye ..
do visit my blog..
i need some advice..huhu

Anonymous said...

What is it??I just wanna know!!can't wait!!

casual cutie said...

waw waw ada apa nih Mba D???

edhika said...

i guess it's a kind of DIY stuff, isn't it??
can wait to know it.

alita farah diana said...

wow! curious project..
hope i love it!=)

eNazZ said...

i believe. I saw Sharjeel just finished dinner at Uptown Damansara last sunday nite with his buddy.. Wow. I felt that he just walk out from ur blog pics.I was very sure that it was him. Malu la want to ask wether it was really him (if it was'nt, than he has a twin!). If he was walking with you , off course I would recognize u instantly and ask for a picture on the spot!! Continue ur great work!

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