Friday, February 20, 2009

Terms I use too often:


Indication: I should be more creative.


selly octavia said...

so do i... i always use the word "happy me!" hahaha.. it seemed like there's no other words beside "happy me" hahaha....

Bojana said...

Hahah me too!!!!
Gahh I love your blog you make me smile. For real!!

Eyeliah @ said...

lol, I use those too. It' all good.

GRICIA said...

never mind lha di..hehe

fhen said...

everyone has their own favourite words, dii :)
i love "yay me!" for happy things and "bleargh!" for things i dont like
btw wanna says happy birthday to your mom
have a great weekend

akusukabintang. said...

hi, diana..
i know about ur blog from one of the teenage magz and i've been following it since..i love ur style!!
cause i'm a shoesholic too ^^
anyway..nice to meet u..and u hv any tips to buy things from ebay?i'd like to try it..u inspired me so much..

giggleness said...

start using WOAH

WendyB said...

At least it's all positive.

WongF said...

Hahahah you should start using "yippie" too! :D

Dog said...

I wish I waas a dog and Diana is a tree. *surrrrrr*

febrina utami putri said...

di, what's wrong with all that sinical comments from cat, dog, and the anonymous? i guess they're just jealous coz u're so cool, LOL

Anonymous said...

satu lagi Di.. "okay"
hueheuhuehue.. :p

Diana Rikasari said...

akusukabintang: on eBay, check the seller's rating, and only buy from those who are rated above 95%....also, it is better for us to buy items that include complete info on the size, material etc plus pictures of a model wearing the item so we know how it looks like when worn :)

Ragil: heheh..emang gue sering bilang Okay ya? :D

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