Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

  • I hate traffic-jams! They are such a waste of time and energy.
  • I love to read in the bathroom. I even used to study and do most of my homework in the bathroom.
  • I am addicted to the internet.
  • I am addicted to chocolates. I feel dizzy when I don’t eat any within a day.
  • I never enjoy Indonesian television channels except Metro TV. The rest are pure trash.
  • I wanna be a successful woman,
  • a rich loaded one,
  • so I can be a philanthropist,
  • and put as many smiles on many faces as I can.
  • My dream is to build a mosque and name it after my husband.
  • I only like vegetables when they are served as salad.
  • I love shoes and I see them as a piece of art.
  • I appreciate people who are nicely dressed. That’s a sign of them appreciating themselves.
  • I love guitars and I love playing mine though not good at it.
  • And I love to sing (though not good at it as well ahahah)
  • Having the 2 above, my obsession is to become a rock star! Woohoo!
  • I have this thing for studded items. But I’m not a punk!
  • I consider myself very mature, but most people don’t believe that cuz they only see the outer-childish me.
  • I love my family so much.
  • And Sharjeel completes the whole picture.
  • I am, a workaholic. How sad.
  • I love to laugh. A lot.
  • Though I love photography very much, using DSLR cameras just kill me. Just put it on Auto-mode and let Photoshop do its wonders pleeaaassee?
  • I don’t mind paying extra money to eat good, quality food.
  • I like the color pink. Ewww.
Copy-pasted from my facebook note - some tag-play people have been recently up to hehehe.


Elli said...

Oh i know that guitar thning very well :)
In my case: I have one, but no idea how to play...sad!

puan hadi said...

i also dont mind paying xtra 4 really2 good food n good service.. sadly enuff, not so much place dat offers both - its either service with so-so food or great food after an hour waiting.. my family just loves food :)

p/s:checkout my blog

Lia Levina said...

i'm agree with u that u don't like watching indonesian tv programs..hehe..

Keshia said...

Die, banyak makan sayur biar sehat atuhh.... jangan cuma salad.. atau gado2 juga ok lho.. it's indonesian's traditional salad, isn't it??
doakan aku yaaa... skripsi nih... huwweee... :(

Anonymous said...

haha...just same with me =p..i hate traffic jams too..its can make me angry and no mood at all..i feel soooo tired like i am driving the whole day =p btw i luv to eat choc too..if i can't get the choc..i feel weary and just want it!!

Diana Rikasari said...

elli: lol :D

puan hadi: really? i thot malaysia got LOTS of great restaurants...:)

lia levina: sad, rite?

keshia: kamu lagi skripsiiiiiiiii? good luck yaaaaa wish you all the best :)

anonymous: yeah, traffic-jams really get us all tempered...hate it...

Lynn said...

Chocolate = THE BEST
Vegetables = Good
Indonesian TV = my mom loves it! She breathes it! Actually it's not that bad heeee...!

Amin to the rest.

evie said...

this has certainly been making the fb/ blog rounds but i still enjoy reading everyone's 25 random things.

i wish i were a rock star too haha

Keshia said...

makasiiihhh..... ^-^

Dnna said...

Bout that photoshop thingy, do you tutor? envy ur supercreative soul :))

hilda said...

hahahaa,,,yg no 2 sm bgd ma gue,,,
gue sk bgd bc dkmr mndi,,,
lbh gmna gt,,,,hwhehehe,,,
bdw,,,i heart ur blog vry much,,,,!!!
keep on da gud work yaaaa,,,,

Diana Rikasari said...

Dnna: i don't tutor cuz I'm not THAT good hehehe...but i promise i'll post a simple tutorial on how to crop pics!! :)

hilda: hahaha...iya, pewe ya baca di kamar mandi! hehehe...thanks ya dear :)

dnna said...

sik asik..
keep rockin kak.. ;))
heart ur blog and words, hehe

Anonymous said...

"Put as many smiles on many faces I can" is that true??

Can you do so? Or just an icing on a cupcake?
Just like a "Mona Lisa" from far it's beautiful, but up close a bit disappointed/ it's easy to write, but technically it's hard to do.

So be careful of what you write sometime other IMPORTANT people notice your social behavior.

lindsay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diana Rikasari said...

Anonymous:'s funny how people like you like to judge people for being this or that...i always mean everything i say, each and every are welcome to notice my social behavior, dear....always :)

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