Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Chewing Bubble Gum

It has been my second time turning down a wonderful opportunity that might have made my life better…or not. Who knows. I keep telling myself to have no regrets, otherwise I’ll be spending my days weeping like anything.


hunz said...

die.. die.. me too.. i had once... huhuhuhu.. semanggaaatt yah die! ^0^, just follow yer heart n it's true.. kalo gw, saat sesuatu gw pikir2 mpe pusing, it's not my heart that talks, but that red devil.. hehehe... ^0^... ganbate!

theliciousgum said...

Oh, I went through the same thing.
But there's no such thing as a once in a lifetime chance!
We just need to work harder and the chance for us to shine will come.

ps. love ur blog, visit mine sometime..!

Lynn said...

Perserverance, my friend.... I bet Hermawan Kartajaya had many 'opportunities' flown out the window to get where he is now.

You already have your eyes on the prize... ;)

Diana Rikasari said...

hunz & theliciousgum: so true...opportunities will always come so we shudn't worry, rite? thanks a lot, dears :)

Lynn: on, Lynn. You know me too well hehehhe....Thank you, you make me feel SO much better :)

anis said...

You just have to trust yurself and believe that you can do anything

Don't ever give up okay Diana!


dendi said...

kalo Andy Noya bilang:
Carilah Lentera Jiwamu.

devishanty said...

emang opportunity apaan? alesannya kenapa ditolak? *mau tauu aja :P

Diana Rikasari said...


devishanty: ada deeeeeh hehehe...rahasia hihihihi ;p

ecchandiary said...

kak dianaaa.
mau tnyaaaaa..
bisa bnyak link di blognya gmna caranyaaa?
bisa ajariin? :)

p.s : im your biggest fans! hihi

Diana Rikasari said...

ecchandiary: halo...thanks yaaa...:)


customize> layout > add gadget> link list.

nanti kamu tinggal masukin listnya satu2 heheheh....

ecchandiary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ecchandiary said...

btw kak.. aku uda bisaa :)
thanks yaa!

kak, gaya mu inspirasi akuu bangeet!
aku juga suka liat dA kakakk looh!
love yeaa :)

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