Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bye Bye Peep-Toe

From June 2008 to January 2009...and that's like what? 8 months? Hell yeah!!

Does anyone recall the Topshop-inspired shoes I ordered to some Indonesian shoemaker I found through friendster? Well I finally asked to cancel the order and get my money back.

I've never heard anyone so full of bullshits. Seriously. Here are some of her responses to my never ending emails regarding the ordered shoes.

June: Your shoes will be ready in about 2 -3 weeks.

July: Still in the making.

August: Forgot to contact her

September: We haven't had time to make your shoes as we have so many orders coming in. (Really? I thought they were already in the making?)

October: Emailed her but no reply

November: Sorry for not reaching you before. Somebody hacked my friendster account so I lost all my customers' details. Can you send me your address once again? The shoes are ready, but I'll send it to you as soon as I return from my vacation. (Again...REALLY???)

December: I'll be sending you the shoes this week. Do accept them as your birthday gift from me. (In other words, I wasn't required to pay the remaining 50%. How sweet.)

January: I'm truly sorry. For all this time I thought the shoes have been delivered to you already. Turns out my friend hasn't send them and the shoes are still at her place. But anyway, I understand your concern. I'll transfer back your money.

And I bet her transferring me the money will take another 8 months I suppose?


jeje leiper palermo said...

hey name is jeje and i just want you to know that you can make a good shoes at d'prime in ambasador plaza,,
it's cheap-fast-and the price is quite reasonable,

phanie said...

ngeselin bgt sih tuh dii!!
gue bacanya aja kesel.

Fashion Fille said...

that majorly sucks monkey butt. ugh i hate people.

Yvonne said...

haha that's funny. at least she was polite?

hope u get ur money back.

nyun.yuni said...

waw..sorry to hear that Die.
perna jg hampirrrr ngalamin kejadian kaya lo Die. kuncinya brenti2 nanyain soal order kita ke si seller. Yep that's what I did, gw si ga akan bosen nanyainnya, scara yaa duit kita uda masuk ke dia gitu, ya ga ya ga ;)

ehm..kayanya gw tau ni seller yg bmaslah ma lo yg mana, perna kesebut2 jg di post lo sebelumnya..ehehe. gw jg perna mau nanya2 order ke dia DIe, tp no respon mulu..nampak menghilang tu orangnya..

Freddy Style said...

duhh sedih amat diana^^
dianaaaaaaaaaaaa bales email gw jenggggggggggggggg

devina said...

luckily you didn't reveal the identity that time or more people would have been conned :(

Fanny Trijayanti said...

hahaa,, baru smalem gw baca post lo yg ttg spatu itu,, gw kira udah jadi trus blom lo post aja. hahaa,, sabar buu.

ZORI said...

How can there be people like that.
If I were you I would not wait more than 3 months. It is good that you get your money back

GRICIA said...

poor u...8months??quite sucks..anyway i saw d couple ring at teenvogue,hehe..i thought i saw it from some online boutique..>o<

Anonymous said...

You got scammed.

Hope you get your money back though

Disco *Diva || RitzzZ said...

this sucks
hope things are okayy

nabila said...

emank harus hati2 dear..

untung aja aku udah bikin 3kali di 3tmp berbeda lewat ol, dan alhamdulillah semuanya sampai

pilih store yg udah terpercaya aja deh..

Miss Garage said...

8 months! seriously??
awww,, don't think i can be that patient

Miss Garage said...

anywaayy, i have my own online store, telat 2 harii ajaa dan orang-orang langsung banyak banget yang sms/call -- wondering gimana rasanya jadi dia yang telat sampe 8 bulaan. errr...

Putri Erdisa said...

be patient ka Di... :D

moonriver said...

better becareful next time esp to online store at friendster that makes shoes and such cause i've experienced myself ordering some stuff that arrived very late n didn't really come in good condition!

anyway, nice to meet you!

DiamondHurts said...

i feel you... :(
i've experienced myself ordering a wallet..

hope u get your money back soon...

love love..

Anonymous said...

At least now other people have been warned not to buy shoes from this clearly ridiculous business.
p.s. Good luck on your refund.

soph said...

oh man! what a hassle :(
since you posted about them i was looking forward to see the result, I'd never really heard of getting tailor-made shoes, it sounded so exciting!
hope she works something out for you..

WendyB said...


le mode said...

oh my i know what you are tlkaing about.
i hate when that stuff like that leggs.
hahahaha ((:

LJ said...

AHHH that is rediculous.
You need to appear at her door assasin styles and pop some lead in her laptop or something.
An eye for an eye makes the whole world satisfied

chekka cuomova said...

it sucks I know, but it happens quite often!
btw hey! I was curious about your previous posts, so I browsed and read EVERY posts you have written! from the very first post on march 2007 haha :D

I'm sooooo in love with you!! you do really have a darn great sense of style! keep it up and don't stop to amuse me and all the loyal readers =)

FaFaFa said...

wow, seriously?! tat's pretty long time. hmm

Diana Rikasari said...

thanks for the consolation, all...appreciate it so much :)

jeje leiper palermo: thanks a lot for the info!! will check it out :)

phanie: iya, ngeselin yaa hohohohooh

nyun.yuni: iya, gak jelas gitu orangnya...bete

chekka cuomova: really? wow...thanks a lot dear <3

ginny said...

that sucks
i feel horribly for you. they should just send you the money with a pair of free shoes.

victoria.. said...

Why doesn't she just give you the shoes if they are ready?

dD.Diyana said...

Shit, that's crazy!

I think best is not to contact each other through friendster or facebook but through emails instead. Make it official and the seller should have a proper website to sell their stuff.

I think this girl you dealt with is too new with the business and really need to find a REAL business partner.

Learn, people learn! Don't disappoint others like that! haih.

Sabar ya neng Diana....... :)

selly octavia said...

wow... that is sad.. i'm sorry to hear that.. jadi takut bli online stuff d friendster (which i'm doing now) i hope it doesn't comes bad.. i'll cursed that seller!!

July Girl said...

hope you get your money back!

fhen said...

i've experienced the same thing.. ordered clothes trus lamaaa abis sampe berbulan",, (untungnya sih gag sampe 8 bulan hehe) sabar ya kak buat refund nya :)

devishanty said...

hummm.. kayaknya gue tau nih oknumnya.. hehehe.. *beberapa hari yg lalu liat message lo di shoutbox dia.. iya bukan? *maap kalo salah tebak hihihih
sabar ya dii.. mudah2an cepet beres deh..

Anonymous said...

ohh that's awful! hope it wont take another 8 months .. :)

ast said...

hmmm.. namanya shop princess atau princess shop kah? soalnya pernah bikin di situ juga dan ternyata dia yang ilegal dan nge-hack fs orang! sebel banget! soalnya sepatu nyampe ke rumah, tapi dari nama toko yang beda.. aneh gila2an..

Diana Rikasari said...

thanks for all the input, guys...happily i got my money back in 2 days...yay!!

devishanty: hehehhe...yup, that's her hohooh....tapi jgn sampe pengalaman buruk gue ini bikin orang2 jadi gak mau mesen ke dia juga sih...siapa tau cuman gue aja yg lagi apes...ya kan? thanks yaaa :)

ast: ain't that one..glad u had the shoes though :)

ast said...

dapet sih dapetttt..
tapi dua2nya kaki KIRI smuaaa!

ast said...

jadi agak sangat kapok bikin custom shoes di ol shop lokal ):

Cindy said...

emang iya di, shoemaker di FS tuh pd bullshit semua, nih ya aq kasi tau... mungkin klo km g mau ksh tau, tp aq mau, biar pd hati2 : Little Olitea; Footy Chic; Miss Chic.

problem nya sama jg, blgnya bs2, nanti dikasih tau lg kpn bs dibuatin, tp aq tunggu2, udh gtu aja, g ada kbrnya lg. sm persis, mestinya km ksh tau aja Di, atau laporin polisi, itu kan udh penipuan namanya. biar dia jera donk.

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