Friday, February 29, 2008

It All Ended in the 28th Dress

I watched 27 Dresses last night!! Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! The movie was fresh, witty and pretty much entertaining even though the dresses were totally out of my expectations hehhehe…

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

3 Become 1

Combining 3 skirts to create layers of colors....

(Background image from here)


Thanks to Kingdom of Style, I now know about this shop that sells all the shoes I admire...

The Office....

Monday, February 25, 2008

Golden Girl

Just thinking of what I should I wear to the upcoming dinner party and my plan of wearing the Mischa Barton outfit style should be canceled as I have no time to find such a gorgeous top like that...I would probably wear something like the image below, without the hat and jacket but with a black tuxedo jacket instead.. any thoughts?? :)

Brother, would YOU buy me some killer heels???

I went treasure hunting in my brother's closet again and found this grey sweater that would be perfect to wear with my black lame legging...I can actually just go out in this very much comfortable outfit, but I would need some killer heels that would finish off the whole 'cool' look, which, sadly I don't have....

I shall then play with some layerings that would make the outfit a bit more interesting, but layers that would not result in me sweating like hell in this all-time-summer country...

After experimenting all the looks...I still want to wear it plain and simple; oversized sweater with leggings only. I then would need to get a pair of new killer heels, which would be a reason for me to go shopping again hehehe....neah, i'm just kidding... my boyfriend (which is currently my shopping-addiction therapist) would send me a bomb if I go shopping again, and I refuse to die before I get married I'll just wait until my boyfriend gives me the green light and say, " may proceed, my dear", which I know will never happen.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Such a Clown Me

I went shopping with my mom and literally begged her to buy this clown mask for me....I guess I'll just never grow up...(isn't that great??) hehhe...;p

At Last!!

I got these Zara boots on a 70% discount....I'm so happppyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! with buckles I have always dreamed of...:)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thank God It's Friday

Nice day at work...nice dinner after work..

I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends around me...

Hhmmm....good night, guys!!

May you all have a splendid weekend....:)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dinner Party

There'll be a dinner party next month and Mischa Barton's outfit here pretty much inspires me on what I shall be wearing....

Did I Just Hear THREE Thousand???

Working felt much better today, as my boss finally gave me a real task, something that can at least re-function my brain and not just let me doodle all day hehehe...

As said, I was happy to be given a job, but translating 3540 questions (English to Indonesian) made me really wanna puke... yuck!! Trust me I swore a lot (well, not out loud) during the work hehehe...I only managed to finish about 600 questions and will (or shall I say, must?) continue tomorrow hohohoh...

What to wear for tomorrow...what to wear?? heheh...btw it was so true about what some of you commented on my previous blog post...the office fashionistas are (slowly) emerging that I actually got an email from a girl asking where I usually buy my smart clothes hihihihi...and so the conversation went on, with us sharing places to shop then reached an agreement to go shopping together (tomorrow during lunch time)... yayyyyyy!!! Now that's the spirit!! :D

Btw I couldn't find the picture on their website, but I am totally falling in love with Zara's maxi floral boho's already planned on my head, that THE dress must be purchased soon after I receive my first salary hihihih....

Gotta sleep now....adios people...and Sharjeel, I MISS YA so much...take care my love!! :)


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Brother Becomes Fashion Saviour

I think I'll be wearing my brother's t-shirts for my lazy days...

A Warm Gratitude

I'm so happy to read Hunz's post about me...thank you very much, dear...I'm glad to know that someone out there appreciates my world....:)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Collar & Cuff Sets

Such cute additions for your ordinary outfit...from Twelve by Twelve...

The pleated...

and the jeweled...:)

Ideas for some DIY projects???

Monday, February 18, 2008

What I Wore to Work Today & Yesterday

Greetings From the Office!! :)

Hi, everyone...I'm in the office right now, waiting for everybody else to come hehhe...the official working hour starts at 8a.m., but basically everybody comes at 9 while I always arrive at 7 heheh...but that's good actually, meaning that I have about 2 hours of browsing and blogging without any interruptions hihihihi....

Btw I'm not trying to limit nor stereotype the range of friends I have, but I do find it difficult to find someone who is interested in fashion even in the least manner (e.g., appreciate fashion even when the person does not apply any 'fashion'-related stuffs onto her/himself). It feels odd to be so excited dressing up in the morning but receive no comment or response at all like "I love your shoes" or "Where did you get that shirt from??" heheheh...i know, i know, not everybody's into these stuffs, but wouldn't it be nice to just have at least 1 person in the office whom I can share my passion for fashion with?? Please???? Hehehhe....

Hhmmm....well have a nice day, everyone...hope you enjoy your MONDAY...:)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Quiet Saturday Night

It's such a tragedy to face the fact that most of my friends now spend their weekends with their loved ones, leaving me lonely with nobody to go out with...

Well now that I'm working already, Saturday and Sunday seems so precious that it feels utterly unfair to just stay in the house and not have some fun...I decided to go out alone today and had a nice chicken steak for dinner at Tomodachi....this one's for you, boyfriend!!! :)

(Background image from here)

Where My First Salary Would Go...

As usual...Topshop....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

INTAN = Valentine & Birthday

(Heart bubble image from here)

PS: First day of working was very very boring...I tried to keep myself awake by doodling on my diary lol....hope it'll be better tomorrow...:)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DIY Floral Bracelet

Didn't have anything to do during the whole day, so I took out my creative supplies and made this kiddish bracelet/wristband, perhaps also wearable as a hairband....:)

Material: beads, old gloves/socks, rubberband, glue gun.

Btw I'll be working starting tomorrow hoho...please wish me luck cuz I'm for sure very nervous heheheh....good night!! :)

Not One, Not Two, but Three!!!

Yes...feel free to choose whichever flaunts your style best....tuxedo jackets by Todd Lynn, Topshop....

Oh Juliet

(Original background image from here)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Take Care, Intan!!

Some GOOD news:
I finally got the (advanced) birthday gift for Intan which was a long t-shirt perfect to match with her black lame legging heheh... even though birthday gifts are not to be opened until THE day, I was too excited that I asked her to open the gift immediately cuz I wanted to know whether she liked it or not, and she did!! Hihihi.....mission accomplished! Intan and her mum then invited me for some sushi, something I have actually never eaten before even though my dad and bro are HUGE fans of Japanese foods (forgive me, I'm such a coward for 'odd-shaped' foods ;p)...turns out sushi ain't that bad hehehe.....I'm so happy that I finally managed to overcome my fear of sushis....

The BAD news:
Intan's leaving for Singapore tomorrow morning....hhmm... no little sister to play around anymore *cries*...take care, Intan...I hope you do extremely good in your new ya always....:)

Monday, February 11, 2008

I Was So High this was not actually part of the plan..gosh I feel so day solely dedicated to find Intan's gift ended up in me buying a gift...for myself...;p

High-waist jeans from Zara...

(Background image from here and here)

Gift Hunt

Everyday seems to be a lazy day for job (for now), so no (serious) responsibility hehehe.....woke up quite late today, then immediately decided to go find a gift for Intan's upcoming b'day... btw Intan's brother just came from US, and brought me this all-time classic "I Love NY" t-shirt that I directly wore today without any prior washing hehe... thanks, bro!!

Back to the gift topic, I couldn't find anything that I like, or perhaps, what I think Intan would like...well I did actually saw this brown leather fringe bag which I assume would be perfect for her to wear to college, but the price was way over my budget hehehe...sorry, sis!! But no worries, I'll continue my search tomorrow hehhehe....

Now I'm craving for some chocolate... some ice cream..yum yum!!

The lazy outfit:
"I Love NY" oversized t-shirt, black sarong worn as a skirt, mom's vintage Dior leopard-print handbag, Vincci strappy sandals..:)

Sunday, February 10, 2008


New BEAUTIFUL jewelries from Yazbukey....

Btw I really like these gloves from the 2005 Winter me ideas for some DIY projects...:)

Playing Runway

What a day...sad at first, then ended up being utterly happy heheheh..the swimming plan was canceled due to the sudden change of dad's mood, so, yeah...that was the bad news. Thank God Intan came to my house in the afternoon and cheered me up to the max hihihi...had lunch, then a bit of chit chat, then played our own version of runways hehe...we actually recorded the whole act on video but here are some pics if you might wanna take a peep hehhe...

PS: This is actually a very fun thing to do with your girlfriends, so please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME muahahahha....
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