Monday, February 18, 2008

What I Wore to Work Today & Yesterday


Lynn said...

Love the green and blue combo and the shoes that go with it!

misstee said...

Heeey where did you get those pants from? (this is as a response for your previous post and as well, I do mean it, love those pants!)


Have a great day at work dear!

Ps: salam kenal from me :)

Jo said...

I Love those beige trousers!
Both outfits are awesome!
I am sure you are the trendiest in the office!


Fruchtzwerg said...

love your first office outfits, it's fashion but not going to far for an office :)

Diana Rikasari said...

lynn: thank you!! :)

misstee: err...which pants do you mean?? heheh....thank you and salam kenal!!! :D

jo: thank you...i'm totally not but who cares hehehe...

fruchtzwerg: thank you very much...:)

Fashion Tidbits said...

love those khaki coloured pants!

Eleh said...

ouch. that neon pink belt adds a nice touch to your outfit. and wow. i always steer clear of khaki but that pants looks fantastic on you!

Fabi said...

your style is amazing!!! love the pants and the color combos.
and yep, I linked you!

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