Sunday, December 14, 2008

Your Questions Answered! :)

How tall are you?
160 cm.

How old r u? You seem to be so young yet you’re working already!
I’m about to be 24 in the next 2 weeks. My features are pretty misleading as people in real life often think I’m still in high school.

Do your parents know bout this blog?
Yes, and they’re cool enough not to even bother checking it out hehehe….

Why'd you have an American accent (in your video post)?
I was born in Colorado, US, and spent my elementary days in an international school in Malaysia. I guess I picked up the accent during those years.

Have you ever thought about relocating to western countries? Like in Europe or North America?
Well, yes, but not to the extent that I’ll be a permanent resident. I’m very much interested in working abroad actually.

Did you study in Indonesia or overseas?
Both. I went for college here in Indonesia, then pursued my Masters in Malaysia.

What did you study in uni/college?
Industrial Engineering for Bachelors, International Business Management for Masters.

What job do you do exactly?
I work as a market researcher, but I like to perceive myself better as a marketing consultant.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in art design, photography, or fashion?
Not really. I’d rather treat them as my hobbies.

Do you think you’re an artist? If yes, why?
Yes. I consider myself as an artist for I see myself as a creative soul. I highly value aesthetic in many aspects therefore try to make everything look pleasant in my own definition. I love art design, photography and music as much as I love fashion.

Are you always into fashion and since when do you start styling yourself up cause you seem natural in this and your style always looks effortless to me :)
My mother is a very fashionable person so I think she pretty much influenced me since I was little. Even when I was a tomboy back then and always opted for loose vintage shirts, denim shorts and sneakers, I always had my own defined standards on how loose my shirts should be and make sure that I had sneakers with matching colors on. Dressing up was never effortless :D

Do you really wear those layers outside? It must be hot in Indo!
I do! Despite the hot weather outside, I basically spend most of my days in an air-conditioned room so dressing in layers shouldn’t be a problem.

I always think that people with bright skin can go with any colors namely bright, nude etc and still looking smashing good while people with darker skin (which I am) are quite limited to play with colors especially the bright ones. What do you think?
I don’t really see such a thing as a limitation to our choices of colors. At the end, it’s about how we combine the colors all together.

How do you put an outfit together? I mean, do you get inspired all of a sudden by a photo of someone/something or you try things on together randomly or what?
Putting an outfit together and making it look good is more of a trial-and-error kinda thang. The more you like to play dress up and take pictures of yourself, the better you’ll know which flatters your body and personality most. As odd as it may sound, I’m actually inspired by randomness.

How do you know the things you put on compliment each other?
As said above, practice makes perfect :)

What kind of features or subjects do you find inspirational to see in other blogs?
Personal blogs appeal more to me rather than streetstyle or other kinds. I like to follow blogs that give you ideas about the authors’ life, mind and persona in the most honest manner, hence my preference on subjects of (their own) daily outfits and activities and perhaps D-I-Y attempts.

Have you ever been called 'weird' by somebody other than your friends? If yes, how did you deal with it?
I think I get that almost everyday. Hearing the word ‘weird’ on my ears implies amazement from the other side so I take such comments as compliments hehehe.

Could you please give the description I mean the detail of everything that you wear?
Many people have asked me to do so, but I always forget to. I’ll try do that on a regular basis from now on… :D

Which programs do you use to edit your photos?
The one and only I’m (quite) skillful at; Adobe Photoshop.

Which Photoshop do you use and how do you do it?
Adobe Photoshop CS3, and I think I’ll just do another tutorial post for this :)


erika said...

loved reading your answers!! cant believe you are 24 :) i am majoring in business too and coincidentally my BF has his BS in industrial engineering!

great answers!!

olimpiA said...

hey, it was so interesting to know more about you. I enjoy reading your blog..take care :D

tara said...

hey d i'm tara again. see my comment in more indonesian madness and answer my question, btw tinggi badan kamu cuma 160cm, kalo gue 164 cm tapi kok kelihatan pendek ya, are u serious about u'r tall???not kidding right??i'l be wait in ok bye....

Anonymous said...

tnx! luv ya :)

kursh said...

i'm currently taking up industrial engg right now!! hehe. just wanna share:D anywhoo, love it how you put effort to 'design' your pix before posting it here:D more power to your blog!

lidya hasian sinaga said...

hi anuty this is lidya and i love reading this post and nice to know u here.... i found this blog from my mom from n say hi to me....

momoe said...

wow at 24 u already had ur masters.damn ur so at the age of 23 still trying to finish of my degree in pharmacy.!~

Anonymous said...

you're only 24.How did you get your masters?

Anonymous said...

hai diana,
i really really want to be marketing consultant,
apa aja yg dibutuhin ya...?
apakah harus S2? kuliah ku desain periklanan, i love love love branding, is it possible?


Diana Rikasari said...

anonymous: mungkin S2 akan lebih baik...ambul jurusan Marketing, atau Business Management...kalo jurusan desain periklanan gue kurang ngerti bisa atau enggak, soalnya gue kurang tau pelajaran yang lo cover apa aja

Anonymous said...

How did you get more people to hear about your blog?

Sweet Thinker said...

hye diane.

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