Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our 2 Years Together :)

Look what my kindergarten boyfriend sent me....boooohhh!!

myspace image at Gickr

Thank you, Sharjeel...and thank you for the wonderful 2 years...many more years to come, babe! I wuv youuuuu!

PS: Yes, Sharjeel...you got higher marks on the dissertation....but I graduated first in class....hahah!! Boohoo you!!


Aria said...

Awww! How sweet! Congratulations Diana! :D Love your blog, as always. :)

Fefey said...

so sweet babe

Sunset said...

Sooo cute!

V oN toP said...
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hunz said...

Ouuuchh. so sweet!.. Die Sharjel temen kindergarden lu yah?? apa cuma frase aja.. hehehe.. ^0^

ms. hunzipheartcore!

Anonymous said...

Oh..so sweet :)
makes me jeaolus..
I'll ask my husband to read this!!! hope he will do the same hahahahahahaha

hope your luv w/Sharjeel will last 4 ever Di ;)

siewkwan said...

Oh it's so sweet!!

GRICIA said...

Soooo romantic..congratulations anyway..

Anonymous said...

That is beyond adorable.

I saw this dress and immediately saw you in it. What do you think????


Your style is the best

J.Yo said...

so sweet! you two look so great together! congrats!

crazy lil outspoken girl said...

dianaaaa...wat a cute boyfriend u have!
today is my anniversary also...my 1st year anniversary..but my boyfriend doesnt romantic as yours...hehehe

Diana Rikasari said...

Thank you, everyone!! I'm so happyyyyy....:)

hunz: maksud gue, sharjeel kayak anak TK hehehhe....abisan bikin slide-nya kayak anak kecil hihihhi...;p

marezka: amiiin....thank you, love! all the best for you too :)

crazy lil outspoken girl: congrats to you too!! wowwiieee...such a cute coincidence :)

anonymous: the dress is way cute but too bad the price is just unreasonable..;p thank you for the info!! :)

hunz said...

Ooooo... ^0^..

K.Line said...

Aren't you two the most adorable things ever!

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

congrats! u2 r so cute!

thingsofmine said...

happyyyy 2nd years anniversary darling !!
hore selalu dgn sharjeel mu :)

Intan said...

Wahhhh 2 tauh sudah!!
smg berikutnya ada lg 2 taun 2 taun 2taun 2taun 2taun 2taun 2 taun 2taun 2taun dan seterusnyyyyaaaa lageeeeeeeee
ps:duh cape nulis 2 taun ny hahaha
btw miss u diana

britzie said...

happy 2nd anniversary!!

km cute bangettt rambutnya ada poniiiiiiii ;)

najmi said...

congrats for you all

Anonymous said...

So cute and so sweet

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