Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I Wore to Work Today

What I wore today....2 separate shirts worn together...oh look how beautiful the morning light is...hmmm.....:)

If only I worked in an advertising agency, I could have worn the outfit a bit edgier hohoho...;p


Naoko said...

Really nice outfit! Where do you work at?

cal said...

like the first one better :) the colours on your sleeve is just nice, yet simple.. Btw don't you feel hot wearing 2shirts?

Cynthia said...

I quite like the second outfit! The combination of colors in the two shirts is really nice.

Jay said...

hurm i also wish i work at the company that can wear like the 2nd outfit..but i don't..huhuhuhuhu

Eyeliah @ said...

I like it both ways! :-) Really love the first sandals.

Eyeliah @ said...

I'd like a compant where I could dye my hair pink!

Mariana :D said...

Hola Diana! xD

I have to say i freacking love your OMB! i do xDD i love the second outfit haha you're wearin g my dream shoes

O_O seriously.

Anyways you rock and i love your philosophy (or however you write that xD) and your point of view on so many things.

Im like your groupie ... ok no .. that was creepy xD

greetings from mexico ;p

superumi said...

i wish i could wear 2 shirts at a time. i'm having difficulties to even wear one, it's always tight around the boobs area and i feel like the buttons are gonna pop-out anytime soon. so my option if i wanna wear a shirt would be those that are unflattering. sigh.

Novi said...

Die, I can't believe you still look uber slim even after wearing 2 shirts (*_*). Anyway, I work in a bank & I always thought that it pretty much leaves me a very boring selection of styles. But after reading your blog, (I think) I'm becoming a bit more experimental with my office styles :D Thanks for the inspiration!

elani makrai said...

hi diana,
thanx for telling us the brand of ur sneakers..

i love the 1st style..
with the green belt it's so daring..wowww, i admire ur style coz it's so bold n unpredictable..
(^^,) wish cud b like u..
the feelings r like "hepi..hepi..hepi"

i don't work in advertising agency but where i work..i can wear anything, including jeans.. ;)

plus today i wore sumting simple n finish it with my "thongs/sliper jepun" my favourite..

ohya, i've linked ur blog to mine n everyday i'll surely visit ur blog n can't wait to see what u wear..

thanx ya, for brightening our days!

evita said...

waaw loves no 1 outfit! you look cool sista :D


Cute outfits! I love your blog, would you like to do a link exchange?


Nice outfits and love your cute blog! Would you like to do a link exchange?

listress said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're receiving unpleasant comments. People get jealous easily and tend to show their nasty sides only because they can get away with it.

Keep doing what you do!

tor (fabfrocks) said...

I love both the outfits - and the poses! So there!!

Reeza said...

hai diana.
gw salah satu penggemar blog lo nih, blo lo dah masuk ke daily reads gw.. sumpah, gaya lo keren banget :) dan beda dari yg laen. wish i could have some courage to wear clothes in unique ways like you.. :)

anyway, love your style! and thanks for being my inspiration ;)

A Rose said...

Gorgeous outfit. Love the shirt combo. xx.

Anonymous said...

hi diana. i really like the skirt variation. u look cool & professional at the same time. wish i had ur long legs.

Dilla said...

Youre very inspirational!

Rebecca Ridlington said...

i really like both outfits. And that green belt is excellent! Love it.

Hanna said...

oh how do i love colours in that outfit. especially the stripy shirt's ones

Diana Rikasari said...

Wowie...thanks, everyone! :)

cal: no i don't...the air conditioner in my office is very cold :)

Marianna: helloooo...that's very nice of you...really :') thank you very much...really appreciate it :)

Novi: Lol...thanks, nov! and yay for experimenting! :D

elani makrai: hi there...well my office doesn't really put any policy about our dressing, but i do feel uncomfortable wearing casual clothes to office, plus, I am more into corporate looks hehehe....btw, thanks for the link! <3

listress: thank you ;) <3

reeza: waduuuh, kamu baik sekali hohoho...makasi yaaa :)

plain.jane said...

love this outfit..
gives me inspiration :)

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