Monday, November 17, 2008

My Condolence

Dear Intan my forever favorite,

You have my deepest sympathies on the loss of your dearest father, and I am truly, truly, truly sorry for not being there with you in all this grief...:'( May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead. Peace, prayers and blessings.



hunz said...

sorry to hear that.... T_T

Anonymous said...

deepest condolence from me - ragil

nyun,yuni said...

deepest condolences from me too..I happen to know her brother, Adit. Too bad I cant be there today..

superumi said...

im sorry for intan's lost.
i hope things goes well for her and the family. amin.

seseorang said...

our deepest condolences for your friend Intan (Phepe's lil sis?)..

Anonymous said...

nyokap nya kmrn jadi meriang2 gtu masa..kedinginan pdhl udh selimut handuk,bedcover -an

dan yg paling dalem nyokapnya bilang : " ini bakti lagi kedinginan juga disana , dy gak mau sendirian..

sedih bgt :(


Diana Rikasari said...

thank you, everyone...i really appreciate your prayers...:)

nyun,yuni & seseorang: waaa, kenal bang adit ya? :)

jengay: :'(

nyun.yuni said...

yep..we all went to same campus, same year, same major.. :)

umamah said...

i'm so sorry for your lost intan :(

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