Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Morning Picks From Forever21


J.Yo said...

i want those oxfords! where can i get them in Jkt?! (with not so pricy tag of course)

btw, do you still live in Ind rite now, Diana? i've read ur blog posts and u mentioned sth about KL?

Anonymous said...

Gosh!!love those shoes, awesome!!btw, i really admire ur sense of fashion..

Diana Rikasari said...

j.yo: I currently live in Indo...but I once lived in KL...that is, 4 years for elementary school, and 1 year for Masters hehehhe....I'll inform you where we can get such oxfords in Jakarta once I see them! :)

anonymous: that's so sweet of you..thanks a lot! :)

J.Yo said...

aww thank you~ you're soo nice!
and i hope you finished your DIY. i really want to see what will happen next!

Anonymous said...

I just bought those forver 21 pair! (grey) Soooo loverly!

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