Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let The Rain Fall Down

It’s not raining today, but I sure know it will. While I’m working on a report, my mind flies away with beautiful images of pink dresses and floral skirts on my head. And oh, a fascinator for my head and yellow pumps as well. Why am I feeling so good lately, that I feel contented with anything that is happening in my life? In the face of struggles and whatever that is that people label is ‘saddening’, I just know everything in my life has been mapped out the way it is and I just need to live it joyously.

Just read Susie’s new post, and I must say I'm with her. I wonder why people are so hooked on raggedy looks lately. Is ragged the new cool? Because it looks like you put the whole look effortlessly while in fact you try so hard to rip or make holes in your clothes? No evil thoughts here…as I said, I’m just wondering…:)


Anonymous said...

well have you read her LATEST post? about being judged?
dont judge others just because they are making an effort to put their own spin on things...
you have lost my respect for even mentioning her in a negative way..us blogging girls have to stick together in our own creativity and personal beauty,

Diana Rikasari said...

i don't get what you mean...cuz i'm defending her....:)

WendyB said...

It's that whole "effortless" foolishness that really gets me. Hate that cliche. And Anon here must have been smoking something illegal before making that comment because, hello, reading comprehension.

Anonymous said...

well im not the same anon but i do agree about the cliche thing as said by wendyb..
i do like the ripped look but the idea of putting so so much effort into it does confuse me :]
love the blog! x

Lauren said...

I don't like the raggedy look...and it doesn't work well on the east coast in some cases youll just look homeless...but the effort put into it is ridiculous. and the price point!!!

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