Monday, November 10, 2008

(Don't) Save It For The Rainy Day

So, FINALLY them boots have arrived...yayy!

They run extremely loose on my legs though as opposed to how I imagined it (blame it on this deceiving image or my skinny legs? --> do not try to answer) so I guess I'll just roll them down like this:

I also got another exact pair for return, she'll get me something from modern pen pals who trade sweet :D

PS: I look so short in the image above...why?


J.Yo said...

is that your DIY jacket-turned- -cropped-coat i see debuting? cute!

and boots are soo cute too!

superumi said...

yay!! the boot looks great on you. the outfit screams CUTE!
I'm meeting sharjeel tomorrow (insyaallah) and pass him yours =)

i hope you like it!!
*crosses fingers very hard*


Anonymous said...

they're actually pretty cute like that. they remind me of eskimos...but in a positive way [=


just found your blog
me likey
love that skirt and the coat is gorgz

WendyB said...

Those boots look great that way. Good idea.

Eunice said...

hi Diana,

ow..the boots finally arrived! they are cute, but yeah..the image might be deceiving..=) but the do look nice on you! very smart that you rolled those down!

Atika Mulyawati said...

your skirt is soo cute and the boots too ;)

Love My Life said...

love your boots hon..
and it looks cute..

Jessi Huey said...


listress said...

Hi Diana,
Great blog, I've been following for a while. I think shoes that are chunkier around the ankle will make your legs appear shorter as they 'chop' your leg off at the skinniest part.

Miss Urbanita said...

Amazing boots!

Diana Rikasari said...

Thankssss!! :)

j.yo: yup!!! such great eyes you have ehhehe....and thanks! :)

superumi: lol...i bet they'll like even CUTER on you! :D can't wait for my gift hihihihi....;p

charissa: lol...true..:D

eunice: thanks, dear! well, i have no other choice, do I? ;

listress: really? i just knew wonder....thanks! :)


Wow, StyleBubble 模仿 much? Thought so.

Prilaa said...

heey I love your boots!

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