Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Those Vibrant Colors I Adore

As always...Tarina Tarantino brights up my day....


revel in me said...

I ADORE Tarina Tarantino's things too!!! But oh so expensive! :'(

Anonymous said...


would like to ask your permission to put your link on my blog :)


hiking in stilettos said...

I love those cameo necklaces! I adore the vibrant colors as well! Love your blog!

mustardqueen said...

I SAW THOSE HEADBANDS (exact copy cat version but super prettyyyyyy) at You may holla the owner and bug her to let u see e pictures of it and it's so gorgeousssss!!!! Tarina's Barbie collection to die for, oh wait, everything she has is to die for T_T

Diana Rikasari said...

revel in me: yeahhhh...daaammn expensive :(

marezka: waaahh...silahkan Mbakkk...thank you yaaa :)

hiking in stilettos: thank you, dear! :D

mustardqueen: THANK YOUUUU for directing me to this online shop...I'm totally digging it <3

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