Thursday, September 18, 2008

Soon to be Mine!!

I'm so happyyyyyyy hehehehe...just bought this Marc by Marc Jacobs-inspired lace up boot from Colin Stuart...I actually wanted to buy the infamous studded bootie one..too bad they're currently out of stock...:'(

But anyways, I can't wait for this one to arrive....:)

PS: Thank you so much, Intan, for helping me out on this...:)


Maeva said...

They rock ! Hope to see you soon on it ;)

MHBass said...

ooh i might actually like them even better in the colin stuart suede... can't wait to see you rock them! and ohmygod i want the studded boots too :(

M!ZaNi aZyYaT! said...

uuhhh... love ittt!

umi said...

i spotted them on i still prefer the white/cream ones. but suede is great too!

can't wait for u to try 'em on!!
yay for u.

Fashion Fille said...

i like the colin stuarts better than the marc ones!

fashionista said...

I looove them!

eunice said...

wow..did u buy the shoes online?? I am surprise if they do sell such a pair of boots in Indonesia...xD


I love Marc Jacobs! and your blog!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I want these so badly!

di said...

love them

mellysa said...

ongkir n bea cukainya kna brapa tuh sis? dari US kan?

Diana Rikasari said...

thank you!! :)

eunice: lol....yes i bought them online...i'd be surprised too...:D

mellysa: kena sekitar 300 ribu...;p

AlicePleasance said...

They're great!

Anonymous said...

eh Die..
gue juga lagi pengen yang MJ..
kalo udah dateng pake yahh..
pengen liat..
kalo bagus ntar gue bikin =D

elizabeth raisa said...

wowwww liat dari newest to oldest spatu bots banyak buangggettt, beli dimana, ebay? total brapa tuh sama bootsnya?
gak berani deh kl ebay, is it safe???
lagian i havent got a credit card OOOHMY i soooo want to get those cheap stuff. ;'(
shoppingnya muantep banget bu hehehehe iri iri iriiiiii *o*

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